Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Excerpts From a SAHM's Diary, Part Deux

So that fancy mom who stole my shopping cart?

I've now got her phone number. And we hung out for two hours today. And I actually like her.

But the first words out of her mouth when I saw her at the library today were, "So how did things go after we grabbed that last cart?"

She redeemed herself later at the park. And it all gets weirder.

There's a dad at the library who attends each week with his kids for storytime, just as we do. They hang out after while kids search for books and play games on the computers and engages in conversation with some of the moms. His wife is a physician in the area and he's home with the kids. He kind of reminds me a mix of a Ken doll and Bruce Jenner before his transformation. But he's really nice and always wears a triathlon shirt, for some reason. He's the coach for a 3yo soccer team that meets right next to the library on the fields next to the park. And it just so happens that some of the moms that attend storytime have kids who are part of this soccer practice. We saw him at that park a couple weeks ago and he and his kids played a little soccer with the three of us.

He hooked us up by telling us there was a magic show at the Pioneer Center Downtown last weekend and the library was giving away complimentary tickets. So we snagged 4 and it was the perfect rainy Saturday afternoon thing to do. And today he told me as they were leaving that he and a few of the moms were meeting at a local {awesome} park we'd been to a few times before.

We grabbed our already packed lunch and headed to the park. Once we arrived, it was fun and games. The dad saw another car pull up and his daughter ran to the car yelling the other same-aged girl's name, excitedly. That name sounded VERY familiar to me. But maybe they have lots of little girls with that trendy name around town, I assumed. Up runs Benjamin's favorite friend from his new preschool class. She sits down on the swing beside him and then said, "Wait, is that BENJAMIN?" He was blushing and STOKED to say the least. He only talks about her every-single-day. Her mom shows, talks about her job as a speech pathologist for the elderly and her husband's gig at the new Tesla GigaFactory. I like the lady. She even ran the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Relay we want to do in June (any takers? It's about $150pp + van cash and you stay up running all night!). We bonded over running and smart husbands.

Then SHE shows up with a couple Starbucks cups in hand, because she's fancy like that. Mama with the cart drama. I'll stop referring to her in all caps from here on out. Because now I know her name and while she's pretty perfect appearance-wise, we ended up liking one another after chatting awhile. She and that first mom (of B's best friend) know one another. So yes. Benjamin was in the class of grocery cart Mama's daughter (not a good fit, preschool #1) and then transferred to a new school (preschool #2) about 5 miles away and is now in the class of speech pathologist Mama's daughter. We're not in Chicago anymore, folks. Paths cross and rather frequently.

Then Mama #3 shows up and everyone knows her, too. Her kid goes to Preschool #1. Turns out I really was the newbie being invited, because the rest of them knew a thing or two about one another (which makes sense because they had to coordinate the meetup somehow).

We left with a picture of all the kids via text and Benjamin gushing to Dad tonight about how he got to play with his bff at the park, to which even he was surprised.

Told you I was on my way to becoming besties with this chick. And did I tell you that out of all the parents there (4 + me), cart Mama lives the closest to us, at just over a mile away. Now let's just hope she doesn't find this blog. That'd be awkward.


Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

Ha. I was going to comment, "you'll have to delete this if she becomes your friend!"

KMG2010 said... [Reply to comment]

I totally lost a friend over my blog...