Friday, October 7, 2016

Oh, It's YOU Again: An Excerpt From a SAHM's Diary

We arrived at the grocery store 30 seconds too late today. As we were entering, the ONLY pink car cart was being taken up by two moms (who apparently grocery shop together). I already think that's weird, but I digress. I can't coordinate a single playdate ever let alone coordinating meeting up at the market to buy groceries at the same time. Are these unicorn parents also ones whose kids behave at the market?

So the lady with her friend says, "Hey! It's you again! Sorry. We are taking the last car cart," as she sort of gives me the shoulder shrug and eyebrow raise.

"Yeah, I know. We're about to have issues here." {I might've also given a side eye roll, to be honest, because her tone was more the sarcastic "sucks to be you" and less of the empathetic fashion I was expecting from a woman I've run into 3x now in the last month.}

Cue the instant tantrum from the boy child. It's sort of an expected thing for this particular store if that stupid cart isn't available. I pull the threats and then the rewards out of my mythical hat at this point, which seem to work. We take a dull gray cart and I stick them both in the back. We scoot on by the free fruit kid basket and that seems to tame the beast, despite him rarely eating more than a couple bites of anything he chooses. He chooses a green apple and apparently hates it this time. Glad I had that grocery bag I carry around just in case for potty training pee clothes so he could spit the apple pieces into the bag. We complete the rest of the trip okay since there were promises of visiting the Halloween aisle.

That mom with the cart. We've had two other encounters. All weird. She's totally the tall and beautiful blond always in ridiculously perfect fashion and the latest Lululemon gear. So there's more than one reason to side eye her.

We first met at the Discovery Museum downtown. She enthusiastically asked if my son went to the preschool her daughter attends, because she recognized him from the class photo reel that sported him with crazy hair and a Mickey Mouse shirt I don't normally allow for such occasions. But this was his first preschool and the one I barely managed a drop-off without a tantrum, so the shirt and hair were the least of my concerns. Just getting there was the goal. I wasn't buying this round of pictures anyway. I'll buy from the new school.

I responded with an, "Oh yeah. He went there. But we switched him to a new school."

Considering that ended our conversation, she probably had a fantastic opinion of me (and my kid). And I wasn't wrong, because our second encounter was at the library for storytime and she dug up the dirty laundry. Once again, her kids were using the computers and mine were itching for a turn. She reminds me that we met at the museum and asked about my concerns with the preschool. I tried to be chill about it and our conversation still sort of ended with minor contempt for some reason. Jealous her daughter was chill about preschool and super mild-mannered? Annoyed with how perfect she appeared to be?

The cart though. Dude. It was definitely our loss and a silly, stupid one at that considering it's all public, shared property, but seeing that it was her made the petty loss super annoying to this flustered mom who just wanted to buy her groceries without any hiccups.

Reno is a small enough city that I've run into many of the same people on repeat. I place all bets on that being a person I become like crazy best friends with in a few months. But if she keeps taking that cart, I might have more than just eye rolls to share.


Kari Wagner said... [Reply to comment]

People grocery shop together??
What the actual f.....

Dianna said... [Reply to comment]

I kinda love this post! Don't we all look at some mom as 'that mom?' I hope you get the car next time.