Friday, June 26, 2009

Really, you shouldn't have.

My eyes and I have had such a "good" relationship over the years that they continue to grow worse as I grow older... good times! In my attempt to be free of this 18-year issue, I'm getting Lasik on June 30th! I'm terrified. This blog is an ode to the specs and contacts that have made life possible. I wish I could've scanned older pictures of some sweet glasses I used to own, but I can't get the scanner to work anymore. New pictures will have to suffice.

These are my current (until Tuesday!) digs. It's not been all that much fun going for runs in them... but soon they'll be worthless!

Former digs. Loved these ones!
This is just me getting ultra excited for not having to wear them!
Timeline of my vision:
3rd grade: can't see...
4th grade: glasses (round with pink/purple speckled wire frames)
8th grade: contacts!
9th grade - graduate school: contacts and glasses...
Age 26: hoping to rid myself (at least until my 40's when it's inevitable that I'll be farsighted...)
Final ode...
Be thankful for your vision!
p.s. If anyone you know has a strong contact prescription (-5.25 contacts), let me know! I have 6 (sigh) newly purchased and unopened boxes (= 18 pairs) of contacts! I'd love to give them to someone who can use them. I spent over $200... and would prefer not throwing them away...
Until next time.... love B.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thanks, Dad(s).

We love our dads. They've been so inspirational to us through our growing years and deep into our adulthood. We're honored to have such incredible support through them.

While we could not spend the day with Maryland dad, Steve, we spent the day with California (for now...maybe Colorado in the future) dad, John. We went to the Petersen Automotive Museum... and if anyone knows him, cars are his thing. We walked a couple blocks to check out an excavation site at the La Brea Tarpits, then off to Islands for a delicious dinner. After dinner we headed back home to talk about future endeavors and moving. What a great day with great company. We love you, dad!

See you in July to celebrate your awesome-ness, Steve! We love you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We've been FLOCKED!

Here's the story...
I'm going through my normal routine of driving home from work around 4:30 today, and as I pull up to our crooked duplex apartment, I notice something very different. Something very wrong. Why, may you ask, were these hideous pink creatures on my front lawn and adorning the even more hideous palm tree?

A simple answer can be found here:
That's right, Young Life. If you've never heard of Young Life before... it's... in short... a ministry Ray and I have been involved in as leaders for the past year. Ray's actually been involved with YL for many more years than I: going to "club" as a high schooler in Maryland, being a leader at the Hawthorne club (with wonderful leaders, including our great friend, Jen), and finally at the Beach Cities YL club, serving RUHS, Mira Costa, and some Torrance schools. Basically, we met Thursday nights through the school year and played games, hung out with some awesome kids, and shared God.
Well... in an effort to fundraise for these amazing kids to attend camp this summer, our area has been "flocking" yards to excite people to donate. As if we don't already live in a questionably tacky place (see landscaping from all angles, but particularly the cacti-weeds and bath tiles -- yes, BATH tiles surrounding the base of the palm tree... we keep it classy)...

Needless to say, we're even saving cans for every little effort to send kids to camp and hear about a God who loves them. That's the least we can do for such incredible lives we've been blessed with. (even my kids at school are saving cans and bottles!)
Watch out! If you live in the South Bay vicinity, you may have these classy birdies coming to a lawn near you! Thanks Christine and Sarah!