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Thursday, May 9, 2013

On the C-List

I have a love-hate relationship with Craigslist. And Freecyle. And Bookoo.

For one, I love perusing for gems like my dresser and getting a deal. I just love a deal, you guys. It's like a drug. I get genuinely giddy when I know I scored something for less than it normally sells for. Like I just pulled one over on someone and came out the winner.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

I love it. It's fuel for my fire. So when I received a text from a friend about Mrs. Meyers soaps going on clearance at Target, I got totally jealous (despite having no less than 5 under my sink) and also replied immediately encouraging her to buy up a crapload. One can never hoard too much soap.

Back to Craigslist. I love the deals. I also love bartering people down. Like this week I bought a carpet steam cleaner (that I've since ammonia cleaned the crap out of) and she was asking $40. I had $40, but totally only offered her $35. She accepted.

I just emailed someone about a bike trailer they have for sale, and while I have the $60 they're charging, my limit for a used one was $50. So I offered $50. Let's hope I don't lose out on it because I'm being stingy. But it's a gamble and I love it.

But the hate part. Over the last week, I've posted two free items on these websites, only to have no-show after no-show of people who swore they were interested! Promised money even though they were free items! Said they'd come by that day!

But never showed. It's like I'm inconveniencing them. Finally, someone came and picked up the mirror (later than she promised, of course) that was matching to my recently refinished dresser. And they have the best stories. One lady had an intruder at her house and that's why she didn't show. Not that I don't believe her, but at the very least, just let me know within reasonable time.

I really feel like giving things away for free makes people crazy. They see the word free and all of a sudden? They have to stake their claim. It's like the freaking Gold Rush over here.

One guy I called back about giving away the mirror (mind you, I list our city name... use Google and find out if that is local to you!) told me that he "could find a use for it" and then proceeded to tell me he lives 50 miles away, round trip. I talked him out of it because that sounded silly for something you obviously don't need or really want!

And the swingset we have in our backyard that came with the house? Also free. Come and get it! Seven people were so excited (before I deleted the listing) and ONE showed up to check it out. She promised to return next week (ugh, the urgency of people!) to come get it. We'll see if that happens.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On Why I Love Craigslist

I'm not endorsed by them, but I sure should be. I use Craigslist all the time and love it. Let me also preface this by saying that I don't agree with buying everything used. Examples include: anything related to bedding or my bare skin. It's just wrong.

In the past, I've purchased a desk, couches, tables, chairs, and all kinds of furniture. I've even sold my fair share and given away free items via this website. While I have heard of the scary news articles out there about the Craigslist killer and whatnot, I don't listen to it one bit-- because crazies are everywhere. It just so happens that this particular crazy person chose to use Craigslist to fulfill his evil desires.

Moving along... here are some of the items I've purchased for Baby W on Craigslist and their retail prices:

Graco "Catalina" Swing - $30 (retail price $90) It was basically brand new and the owner said her infant was not a fan of swings, so she didn't want it around her house any longer. I don't know if Baby W will want a swing, but I figured that if he doesn't, we're only out $30 and I wouldn't feel frustrated having to donate to someone who could use it. She originally asked for $35, but I only had $30 in cash, so I was able to get another $5 knocked off.
Boppy Pillow + Sweet Pea Slipcover - $10 (retail: $36) I must admit that although I saw this on Craigslist, I purchased this one at a consignment store and was amazed by the condition. It looks absolutely brand new!
Diaper Genie II Elite- $10 (retail: $30) While I'm still not convinced these disposal containers are worth it, I figured I'd give it a try at 1/3 of the cost. I bought one dispenser, but I plan to use trash bags in the future since I learned from the eHow website how to "fake" the system. We'll see. Some people love these and some hate them. I'll be the judge with my $10 gamble.
My favorite purchase: Solid Wood Rocking Chair - $20!!! I've posted this before, but I'm so proud of it (and that photo was blurry) that I had to post again. I purchased it from a college-aged girl who either was selling her family's items against their will, or they just had no idea what the real price should've been. While I wouldn't expect to pay a ton, it is real wood and retails for $130 at Babies r' Us. There are others that retail for hundreds of dollars.
Bumbo chair - $15 (retail: $40) This is another item I'm sure I don't need, but they seem pretty fun! It allows the baby to sit upright in the chair because it provides back support. I bought this from a grandma who kept this at her house for when her granddaughters came to visit.
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger: $40 (retail: $120). It's not the best jogger, but it's a start. If we prefer another later on, we'll buy it. This one is practically brand new with the little rubber pieces still attached to each wheel. Illinois only allows us about 6 months of outdoor jogging, anyway-- so this should be suitable. If not, it's a $40 gamble I was willing to take.
So for a grand total of $125, I purchased nearly-new items for a retail value of $321! I saved over 60%! That's not including the tax or shipping costs I would've spent in purchasing the items brand new.