Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We've been FLOCKED!

Here's the story...
I'm going through my normal routine of driving home from work around 4:30 today, and as I pull up to our crooked duplex apartment, I notice something very different. Something very wrong. Why, may you ask, were these hideous pink creatures on my front lawn and adorning the even more hideous palm tree?

A simple answer can be found here:
That's right, Young Life. If you've never heard of Young Life before... it's... in short... a ministry Ray and I have been involved in as leaders for the past year. Ray's actually been involved with YL for many more years than I: going to "club" as a high schooler in Maryland, being a leader at the Hawthorne club (with wonderful leaders, including our great friend, Jen), and finally at the Beach Cities YL club, serving RUHS, Mira Costa, and some Torrance schools. Basically, we met Thursday nights through the school year and played games, hung out with some awesome kids, and shared God.
Well... in an effort to fundraise for these amazing kids to attend camp this summer, our area has been "flocking" yards to excite people to donate. As if we don't already live in a questionably tacky place (see landscaping from all angles, but particularly the cacti-weeds and bath tiles -- yes, BATH tiles surrounding the base of the palm tree... we keep it classy)...

Needless to say, we're even saving cans for every little effort to send kids to camp and hear about a God who loves them. That's the least we can do for such incredible lives we've been blessed with. (even my kids at school are saving cans and bottles!)
Watch out! If you live in the South Bay vicinity, you may have these classy birdies coming to a lawn near you! Thanks Christine and Sarah!