Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chi-town Easter

On Friday afternoon, Ray & I drove to Milwaukee to pick up Ray's family from the airport. They were flying on free tickets they got from flying to California for our wedding! The tickets required that they fly into an airport Midwest Airlines flies into... and that airport was located in Wisconsin. Ray and I had never taken that drive before, so it was pretty fun. We learned that Wisconsin is only about 1 hour from our house and that about 50 minutes away from our house is Six Flags Great America.

After we picked up the family, we headed home... but then Samantha saw a sign for the Jelly Belly factory... so we went!
They required we wear these ridiculous (and fun) hats to take a tram in a circle around their warehouse.
The next day, Ray and I woke up at 4:30 a.m. to catch the 5:28 Metra train downtown. We then walked a mile to Harpo studios, where Oprah is taped. This is the only evidence I have from being there other than two copies of the first season of Glee. They were the guests on the show and we saw them perform two songs. They were excellent and it was a lot of fun. While there were about 30 men in the audience, I'm pretty sure Ray was 1 of 2 total that was straight. The show was fun and we left the studios around 11 a.m. to meet the family at the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower. The episode with the cast of Glee will air tomorrow, April 7th!
...and it rained for half of the day downtown...
Here's the Wrigley building... and no photos were taken of Millennium Park or the Navy Pier. Ray and I had already visited these places, but wanted to take his family. We'll take my family when they come to visit also... and any friends who want to come see us!
...one photo taken during the rain and one taken when the sky cleared...
Isn't this city so charming?
This photo's for my dad. Check out the train! You're going to love them. They're everywhere!
{part of} the famous Chicago sign
bridge up for passing ships...
...and finally, the Willis Tower
Fun stuff that wasn't pictured from the weekend: Deep Dish pizza from Giordano's, homemade meatballs, homemade pulled pork (Easter dinner), Easter bunny gifts (= LOTS of chocolate in our house now), chocolate-peanut butter fondue, strawberry shortcake, walks around the Green Trails neighborhood, walks around downtown Naperville and the Naper Settlement, and Easter Sunday service at our new church.

We had a great weekend with Ray's parents and sister, and we're looking forward to my family coming out this fall! We are also excited for Gramie & Papa to come visit and see our neighborhood and home.

And of course... all our wonderful friends are welcome also!


d.a.r. said... [Reply to comment]

What a fun weekend!!!

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Love chi town

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