Monday, August 5, 2013

The Case of the Missing Shoe

I have a confession to make. B only owns one pair of shoes in his current size. He used to live in his leather Robeez and then started walking. We upgraded him to size 4 Keens and now he's a whopping size 5.

We even have a size 6 shoe waiting for him to grow into. But, they're still a tad on the large side.

The only pair of shoes in size 5 are his blue Crocs. Cute, little, blue baby Crocs. They're honestly perfect for the summer. He can wear them in the water, outside, inside, and they're perfect summer shoes. Not to mention, they're super easy to clean.

I'd buy him more shoes in his size, but for two reasons I haven't:

1. We always gravitate towards these anyway as they're light and sandal-like.
2. I see no reason.

Perhaps I should re-think #2. {For the record, winter calls for more than 1 pair of shoes in the Midwest. I just don't think summer does.}

We went to the children's museum last week in an effort to get out of the house, but out of the rain. I started bringing a stroller because this baby is getting heavy, people. We had to park about 2 blocks away and there was no way I was carrying this chunk around.

We carried on as usual with about an hour of stimulation before we needed to leave the madness. I strolled the baby back down the street and took this photo before putting him into his carseat.

Yes, new stroller. Yes, I have more than you do. Yes, my husband comments on my obsession.
I drive home happily with a tired baby in the backseat to have lunch. I even notice him taking off his shoes (which he takes off immediately in the car), but can only attest to seeing one of the shoes being taken off.

We arrive home and I grab the baby and one of his shoes out of the car and head inside. He often throws his shoes about in the car, so I decided I'd get the other one when he went down for a nap.

Naptime arrives. I head to the car to find no shoe.

I search the car, the stroller, and even go as far as calling the children's museum to ask if anyone turned in a shoe from two blocks away (at this point I did not have photo proof of both shoes just before I put him into the car).

Still no clue the photo existed, we drive back to the children's museum post nap to search the sidewalk and street for the shoe. We give up, throw on the size 6 shoes and head to the park. It was worth the trip to check out a new park. And for the record, he walked perfectly fine in those shoes.

Back home and Dad comes home. He searches the car and stroller. Nothing. He asks if I had the windows down and the baby chucked it. Valid consideration. I commend him. But the answer was no.

The next day, during naptime again, I scratch my head and find the above photo and realize the shoe must be found locally. I search the car one last time and head back inside, sans missing shoe. A few minutes later, I'm determined as things just don't make sense to arrive home without two shoes when you put the baby in the car wearing two. A lightbulb went off...

...what if the shoe isn't in the car at all... but fell out?

I drove in and out of our garage multiple times at this point without having seen the wee little shoe sitting under the car spot. It may seem impossible, but those who have visited our house know that our driveway is steep and when driving up and into the level garage, you can't see anything but the hood of the car.

And so it was. The case of the missing shoe was solved.


Danielle said... [Reply to comment]

besides the fact that this story still has me LOL... i think the fact that you documented its final resting place with a pic is priceless :) thank you for this entertaining story. twice :) love ya!

Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

Awesome detective skills.

Love that stroller! We can be twinsies.

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

Good thing this isn't the case of the missing and newly found squished shoe!

Confession: Finn has like six pairs of shoes. But whines and bitches if I try to put him in ANYTHING other than his "gray shoes. Gray shoes. GRAY SHOES!!"

Oh that's a lie... He will sport swim shoes at the pool. Because he loves swimming even more than his gray shoes.

Also, love the baby crocs. And the baby in them.

Brie said... [Reply to comment]

Lucky you! We've lost too many shoes, socks and hats. Love the bumbleride, btw. How's it Rollin for ya?

Laura McCannell said... [Reply to comment]

Haha ! Gladyoufoundtheshoe!

Natasha said... [Reply to comment]

Lol! I can definitely see how you would miss the shoe with the way your driveway slopes :) Yay for finding the missing Croc!

Mase has a lot of shoes. Just like his daddy- different shoes for different outfits! I've actually been eying a pair of Keens for him I'm just waiting for REI to have his size in stock :)

Sneaker Teacher said... [Reply to comment]

Grace has a lot of shoes, but then again so do mom and dad because dad works for a shoe company. She has acquired her dad's affection for shoes. But, she has the tiniest feet...still a size 3 at 16 months!

Party of Three Heads said... [Reply to comment]

Love Crocs on babies, and love that you found the wee little croc. I have a serious shoe obsession, which in turn leaves Colston with 10 different pairs of shoes to choose from each day... ;) Wish I could learn to be more disciplined in that area..

Kristi said... [Reply to comment]

His little shoe under the car looks so lonely, I'm so glad you found it! Also, I agree on the one shoe per size at this point. Their feet grow fast...ok, mine maybe not as fast as yours (Kirstin is a size 6)! :-)