Monday, April 21, 2014

So Much.

So much going on.

Our weekend was packed to the brim. It was a surprise 3-day weekend for us (yay!) and the weather was finally nice enough to throw open the windows and get to work.

It's mid-April, you guys. And we just now are getting outside for the first time since Claire was born 3 months ago. It was a wee bit tricky with two kids to get anything accomplished, but we successfully completed the following projects this weekend:

  • Dug up darn wild onions (hopefully for good!)
  • Took an axe to the tree stump in the front
  • Rearranged a bunch of old wood logs and separated some to dispose of
  • Moved Andrew's bulbs
  • Removed old Hydrangea bushes that have not flowered since we've lived here 4 years
  • Filled in some areas in our yard with soil and added grass seed
  • 2 trips to the Hardware store
  • Prepped a bunch of old clothes for a local resale
  • Began prepping maternity clothes for another local resale
  • Stained our entryway bench with 2 coats of Gel stain & 1 coat of Polycrylic
  • Repaired some areas on guest room bed and put on a coat of Polyurethane
  • Sold one of my many strollers on Craigslist 
  • Picked up new Crate & Barrel bed
  • Put up new Crate & Barrel bed
  • Posted our new bed on Ebay (turns out we LOVE it, but doesn't quite work for our home. A bit too modern. We'll see. Still sleeping on it, literally).
  • Posted the co-sleeper on Craigslist... inquiry already to sell this week
  • Finished putting the crib together (with crib sheet!) for Claire's upcoming transition to the nursery. Sniff, sniff.
  • Put out garden boxes for garden I plan to start in the next couple weeks
  • Finished the 11th of 12 months in the 2013 photobook I'm creating with a goal to order by 4/30

We also did these things:
  • 2 park trips
  • 2 bike rides
  • 3 times the toddler was allowed in our cars to explore (he loves this!)
  • 1 jog each (with egg hunts hopefully counting as some decent exercise...hah!)
  • 4 egg hunts
  • 20+ eggs found
  • 3 eggs given away to kids who didn't get any eggs
  • 3 Skype sessions with MD & CA grandparents and Aunt Samantha
  • 1 attempt to visit the Easter bunny at Bass Pro- Bunny wasn't there at the time.
  • 2 Easter bunnies examined by a 2-year old who loves characters
  • 2 dinners with friends
  • 1 Easter service at church (Claire's first service ever!)
  • 2 children taken out of service for being too loud (3 if you count our friends next to us taking out their 2-year old!)
  • 2 Easter baskets filled and enjoyed
  • 2 pancakes made with bunny and duck sprinkles 
  • 2 out of 3 nights Claire slept through the night
  • Lots of chocolate consumed
  • Lots of hugs and kisses 
  • Lots of smiles and coos from a sweet little 3-month old
  • Many tissues used from wiping snot (gah! Claire's first cold! And Benjamin's 400th!)
  • 6 eggs not dyed on the weekend (some mom forgot to hardboil them!) but dyed this morning.
  • 2 eggs cracked in the process
  • 4 out of 4 cups of dye spilled everywhere
  • 1 shirt stained
  • 4 hands dyed blue
  • 1 ruined dishtowel
  • 1 amazing weekend with 1 amazing husband and 2 amazing kids
  • 1 of our children always missed...
This boy loves characters. We might just do Disney in October. Claire was generally underwhelmed.
1st of 4 egg hunts. It was over in no more than 3 minutes.
These kids get hooked up. Two sets of awesome grandparents plus parent goods make for awesome baskets.
Bed we're not sure works for us...but love it, bunny boy & opening a book that was given to Dad by his grandparents when he was two! I am a Bunny... Benjamin loved it. We read it 3x to him in a row.
Andrew's bulbs moved and I LOVE the space near our front door. Bunny taking a ride and the mess of dying eggs.

The before/after of the entryway bench I finished this weekend (bought before Claire was born and weather hasn't been nice or time ample until now to finish it with stain) & a pretty little lady who was worth all that stalling on the bench project.


Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

I love Claire's sweet little smile in the pic with the baskets - and her outfit is so cute!!

Man, you rocked it this weekend! Bravo, mama!

Laura Jane said... [Reply to comment]

I am exhausted just reading this.
I moved my house number from behind a bush to the front of my house, and it has taken me TWO years to do this. ha! I felt accomplished doing THAT and you go and do all of this! ha! :)

Your bed is cute. I'm interested to know what you're looking for if that's not it. I still vote upholstered bed. I love mine so much.

Karoline said... [Reply to comment]

Is that the Richard scarry book with Nicholas the bunny? We have been reading that book all week !