Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Claire's Dresser

Some months back, I visited my favorite local thrift shop and came out with a dresser for $45. It's solid wood and has tons of charm. And best of all, it was in really great condition. The only thing I hated about it was the huge oval and outdated, painted flowers that adorned the front. Easy, I could paint that, I thought.

I texted the picture to the husband and posted it on Instagram. Instagram response was a solid positive. The response from the husband wasn't negative. If you have been married awhile, you know any answer that isn't no is obviously yes. So I bought it. But, it didn't fit in my car. I called my friend (who has since moved to St. Louis!) and told her I needed to borrow her van. She asked if I was at that exact thrift store (she knows me...) and she told me she'd be by in 5 minutes because she was across the same street at the grocery store. She picks the dresser up and delivers it to my house. Boom.

It sat in the garage for a month or two. Gathering up the energy to get started took awhile, but I knew it had to be done before winter and no one likes working in a cold garage. So...

Before painting, there was sanding. If anyone who has ever refinished furniture knows, the prep is the worst part. It wasn't much different than the rest of my refinishing projects except NAPTIME. I did my major dresser project for our master bedroom when B was napping. Not just napping, but two times a day for 3-4 hours total. I had gobs of time. Now, I'm lucky to get a single hour to knock anything out because B doesn't nap at all (and therefore wants books and mom time) and C naps much shorter than B did at her age (1.5-2hrs a day total). By the time I would read a few books to B, set him up with a movie, drag out all my supplies, and get myself prepped and ready, I had almost no time to actually work.

Chipped away slowly and it's done. It's not perfect and there are some things I'm disappointed about, but it's done and I'm mostly happy with the results. It will look a whole lot cuter with the picture frames of colorful, artsy cards I've been collecting above it in Claire's "big girl" room, but here's the before and after:

Notice: great big oval in the middle. Be gone, painted flowers and random oval!
Detailed projects are my favorite pieces and also the hardest to work with. So. much. sanding and cleaning in grooves.
Crystal knobs were purchased on Ebay for about $20 and sold the old ones on Ebay as well. I ordered two sizes: top small drawers and big bottom drawers
I also took a picture of the top piece unattached (and covered the bottom in adhesive felt in case Claire happens to dislike it--easy removal).
Total cost of the project = ~$100
Dresser: $45
Sanding/Painting Supplies: $20-$30 (overspent here, clearly)
Knobs: $20

Blast from the past, 2.5 years ago:
First dresser project
Second dresser project


Laura Jane said... [Reply to comment]

I love it! I love the little drawers at the top which will hold Claire's little treasures in the years to come. So sweet. I love the crystal knobs- I have similar ones I bought online for about $8/per, so that's a good deal. Love that you sold the old ones, I'm so lazy I would have tossed them. or saved them for nevvvver. :)

But seriously, adorable. Good work, mama.

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

I LOVE it. Totally is adorable and fun and girly without being GIRLY. And can't wait to see what cute artwork you put with it. I also want a little vase with fresh pink flowers on it. Or yellow.

Well done, mama!

Kari Wagner said... [Reply to comment]

Look at you blowing DIY out of the water!
I love this dresser, by the way.
My grandma bought a whole bedroom set very similar to this at a farm auction back in Ohio in the sixties and my mom still has the set.
Of course it is still the natural color but in really good condition but oh how amazing it would look in white.

Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

That looks SO great! I love that it cost $45 (plus time, energy, and paint, but still!). And it looks $$$!