Friday, December 4, 2015

The Day Before His Golden Birthday

It's the kind of birthday that comes only once in a lifetime...

Andrew will be 5 tomorrow. I know it's a bit dramatic to say, but can you just imagine for a moment (with me), what it would be like celebrating a 5-year-old? Some of you have children that age, so you already know. I don't know.

I can just imagine. Turning five and it being a golden birthday is really cool. Something about five means you're like, super big. Almost kindergarten status. In fact, I had already started kindergarten at his (would be) age.

I've lamented this birthday for a long time now. Five is half a decade. And just plain big. It's a long time since I held that baby boy body and birthed my very first child. I would do anything to go back and hold him again. More now than ever. It feels like he's so distant, because he is. Five years is a long time since seeing your child.

Benjamin has been talking about Andrew a lot lately. Their grandparents sent the book, Someone Came Before You and Benjamin refers to it as Andrew's book and asks for it to be read all the time. At the end, it mentions lighting a candle for the baby. Benjamin chose a cookie candle and we've been lighting it the past two days because he wants it lit for Andrew. He knows Andrew's birthday is tomorrow. We discuss it all the time, especially on the way to the children's museum (like yesterday) when we drive by the cemetery. There is always lots of discussion surrounding the flowers and wreaths and "big things sticking out of the ground."

Five seemed big enough to have a really great thing planned. Initially I thought about planting a tree in a local park in his honor. I was SET on this idea and thought it would be perfect. But, I'm not sure Illinois is our forever home, and I don't want to leave the tree and miss seeing it frequently if we do move in the future.

As he grows older, I'm going to continue to long for things to memorialize him, because that's what parents do. They want to make their children happy, or at least honor their lives in some way.

I just couldn't think of anything else. Nothing would suffice, anyway. So, on his 5th tomorrow, we'll probably go grab him some cupcakes, have our traditional dinner out at a restaurant and be together as a family.

Tuesday, we'll attend the remembrance ceremony we attend every year.

He'll get his tree eventually and when he does, I know it will be perfect.

Missing you and loving you forever, Andrew. I always, always will.


Sneaker Teacher said... [Reply to comment]

I always think of you and Andrew on December 5th.

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

Five. Happy birthday to Andrew... You are so loved and so missed.

Mama Bear said... [Reply to comment]

Happy birthday eve Andrew ­čĺÖ
We planted a Bear tree at our house knowing we will move, but we will plant another one somewhere else and leave little trails of Bear's love along the way.

I'm sending love to your family on this weekend of Andrew's golden birthday.

Amelia said... [Reply to comment]

I was doing well. Then I started crying without warning while doing dishes today. Which then prompted the memories of the times in my life where all times people weren't looking at me were a time for tears. I cried while driving, vacuuming, doing the dishes, and especially in the shower.

I send you light and love.

Sarah said... [Reply to comment]

Thinking of you today and especially of Andrew. Hearing kids talk about their missing siblings is both the best and the worst thing, isn't it?

Karoline said... [Reply to comment]

There were thousands of candles lit in downtown Lisle last night. It was gorgeous. Something about it felt like it wasn't just a coincidence that it was Andrew's birthday. Hugs.

Laura Jane said... [Reply to comment]

For some reason this post didn't show on my reader until tonight.
Of course you know I was thinking of you, E, A, and all. I love you guys and wish more than anything my wish for you to see Andrew again was able to come true. <3

Five is big, huge, and I miss him with you <3

Anne said... [Reply to comment]

Sending you lots of love for Mr. Andrew (albeit two days late)- birthdays, who knew they could be so complicated? xoxox

Party of Three Heads said... [Reply to comment]

I thought about you guys on Saturday. I cried big tears while reading this though.. maybe because it hit home and the fact that it's been (six) years since my world was forever altered too. Or maybe it's just prego hormones. Who knows. But what I do know is that it is such long time.

Five years. So big. Even though late, sending you love! <3
Happy Birthday to your boy!