Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Accident Prone Runner

I've never considered myself clumsy, but apparently running has really done it to me. Over the last six months since joining the gym, I've spent quite a few hours and miles on the treadmill (and then on the streets for more miles). Running is something I've always been able to do with decent endurance and the treadmill is a pretty easy machine to figure out.

I've ran so much lately that lots of my old pants no longer fit and some I wore 10 years ago, including a pair of my running shorts, finally look great! It's not really a loss of weight, because I maintain the same weight now as I did before my kids and between each of them as well. It's my sweet spot, but the rest of my body is looking healthier. It's sort of exciting. Hardly noticeable from the outsider, but my husband and mom have commented. Cool, but not the reason I have been running. But heck yes, I'll take it! I am even starting to get a smidge of ab definition!

But, I'm not 20 anymore and it's obviously showing. A few months after starting regularly running again, I had this random bump appear on the back of my leg that is more of a soft protrusion that really doesn't bother me. I only noticed because I was shaving my legs and felt a bulge. I had an ultrasound on it to rule out a DVT and forgetting the proper diagnosis now, it was a benign issue.

And then my other foot randomly for a few days began to get hot flashes. I loosened the shoelaces up a tad and it hasn't happened since. I think that one was a nerve issue.

And then last Wednesday. My mom was home with the kids and they were distracted, so I figured I'd clock a few miles outside since I had the luxury of a babysitter and didn't have to push the dreaded double stroller of 100 pound resistance around. The kids only remained distracted for a few minutes before realizing I was gone and went #codefreakingred on my mom. And knowing this might occur, I was trying to be speedy and grabbed an old pair of running shoes (big mistake) and laced them up. I was running paths I didn't typically run through the neighborhood and taking some sharp turns. And then I felt it. A kind of burning pull in the groin. The pain has fluctuated between 1 and 4, but never more. It flairs when I run, so I've been taking a break.

Except that 10k on Sunday I signed up for because, DUH. I had to earn that $35 beer at the finish. And I couldn't exactly wear the shirt if I didn't complete the race. Thanks to an awesome PT and a ton of stretching beforehand, I felt almost totally pain free at the start and up to mile 5. I would've upped my speed, but didn't want to stretch things further, so I stayed at a healthy 8:30 pace (thanks to my new watch for telling me). But I did it. And I can't wait for another race. But I can actually. Because I want this to heal.

So I'm cooling my jets and taking some time off running, which is super hard. I've kind of turned it into my "me time" outlet. As much as I adore my little chickens, they can wear on me and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I've been dabbling at the weights but feel like a total idiot in a weight room. And there's just something about finishing a cardio workout that has me so refreshed.

I dusted off my yoga mat for an intermediate/advanced class with my neighbor friend this morning. Well friends, it was quite evident I've taken quite a few years off since my last yoga class! I was wobbling every which way, but was fairly proud with myself when the instructor commented that I was "in that crane pose like a boss."

Which is good, because I can't touch my toes and I simply don't know how I'll ever get my torso to come that close to the floor. Like ever. And the class was way less zen and way more chatterbox than I would've liked.

This groin thing better figure itself out pretty soon, because while I do enjoy looking like a total idiot in yoga positions (and planning to take another class next week), I really want to clock some more miles on foot.


Kristin Moomey said... [Reply to comment]

Good for you, that's impressive. Sorry about the annoyances though, what a pain.

I'm with you on the cardio feel goods, but strength training is really important. Are there any good classes you can take at the Y that combine both? I have a 90 minute class that is 30 minutes Core and More, and then Cardio Boost II (the II means get-out-of-here-hard), and I love it. I consider myself 100% pain free now - and by pain, I mean those aches and pains of having a desk job and growing old and sleeping in weird positions kind of pain. My cardio instructor is on a break this session, so I'm subbing in a Body Pump Class - talk about intense. But sort of awesome to be throwing barbells over my head while deep lunging x1000000 reps.

The formula that is working for me is that cardio / strength training class + old school running (I'm averaging about 14-20 miles a week) + power yoga 2x a week. The power yoga has done the most to help me avoid pain and injury from the higher intensity work, plus I can touch my toes for the first time in my life! The balance changes are the most profound though. Yay!

I've been doing this for 16 months now, so I'm slow and steady about it. But I'm definitely stronger. In the beginning I thought I might honestly die before getting through a class. Now I'm the only one in there finishing everything, and adding on weight or reps. So it's a good mental boost as well for this old lady.

Hope you're feeling 100% soon. Great job on the race.

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

I feel silly in a weight room too, but I do love some strength training. I would be happy to send you some of the stations we do during class if you want. I like to combine a lot of cardio in them :)

My sister called and asked if I would run the Chicago marathon with her as her company was looking for runners for their team. It would have been a free entry! In a marathon I want to run! In YOUR city! But alas, we will have just moved so it won't be in the cards for me.

WyoGirl said... [Reply to comment]

Great job on the run and I hope you heal quickly! I started using the Beachbody workouts in December for some "me" time, stress relief, trying to pull myself out of a tad bit of depression. LOVE them...and am also seeing my clothes fitting better, which is a great plus. The one I'm doing now is definitely strength/weight training focused...I love the direction it provides and that they are 30-40 minutes long. It's called Hammer & Chisel. If you'd be interested, let me know and I'll send you a link to check it out.

Tiffany said... [Reply to comment]

I'm so impressed with the running you and Caroline are able to do! I wish was that person! I tried but walking and kettle bell seem to work the best for me!
Also, it's been forever since I've seen your actual blog bc I usually read through blogger, but I love the new heading!