Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dusting Off the Credential

Every time we move, I update my teaching credential and transfer it to the new state. I earned my BA, credential and MA in California where I then taught. Then moved to Illinois where I had to pay the man more money to test out of their silly state history, math and Science and also prove my knowledge of best teaching practices. Not to boast, but I received nearly a perfect score in every single category (which means either it is really easy to pass Illinois teaching tests or I was a lucky guess on the state history and state capitol stuff because I seriously know nothing about Springfield. I've never even been to Springfield other than driving through to get to St. Louis.)

Now moving to Nevada, I've quickly learned that the state is hurting for teachers. They hold teacher hiring fairs, which is something I've never heard of in my professional life. Other than being approached by a teaching recruiter (those exist?!) in the Denver airport once and being asked if I would ever consider working in Dallas because positions were flying from schools, I'd never imagined the possibility of acquiring a teaching job so easily. I visited the Nevada DOE site to see just how many hundreds of available jobs there really are for the taking.

In Illinois, teaching jobs were hard to come by, just as difficult as they are were California. I was super lucky to be hired just off the boat of earning my credential at the ripe age of 23. But now, I've been a stay-at-home-mom with some teaching experience at college level and some specialist teaching assignments in random schools of Illinois, but mostly I've just taught my own kids about life.

Which doesn't exactly translate into updating resume experience.

With both kids in preschool (part time) this year, I'm using that time to get my credential and resumes updated and in good working order for a potential entrance back into classroom life next fall. If the jobs are to be had and we are staying put in Reno for the time being, it would be the perfect opportunity to jump back in where they actually could use me. And, it would be an easy way to bump that resume back up to working order. There's something appealing about not having to fight out the newbie college grads and knowing that because of their desperation for teachers, they might be willing to look past my advanced degree (translation: must be paid more) so they can fill the job.

There are real logistics to work out, like how we'd manage Benjamin's care before and after kindergarten (!) during the transition time and what full-day preschool/daycare combo we would work out for Claire. That would likely start in the winter when preschools begin to accept students for the following year. With a potential extra income coming in, we might even consider the super expensive college tuition type montessori school for Claire, because I'd like to know that if I'm headed back into the classroom that I'm giving her the best alternative to mom, at least according to their tuition cost. One would hope they are striving for the highest heights with the quote I received over the phone that sent my jaw dropping. And the crazy part is, their student capacity is maxed out this year. South Reno can be kinda fancy.

Chatting with two of my CA teacher friends today, it putting teaching back on my mind. With the house (hopefully) closing next month and therefore providing us with closure on our exit from Illinois, it just seems natural to start looking ahead to our next steps. It's a bit sooner than I pictured going back, but one I think might actually work well for us as a family in the upcoming year. Exciting things have already happened and exciting things are yet to come.

I'm just happy I'm not headed back this year, as the possibility of teaching kindergarten would just about knock the wind out of me. Andrew, this would be your year, buddy. I hate that it's not.


Mrs. Grell's Class Blog said... [Reply to comment]

So excited for you! MN was equally as ridiculous as IL to transfer my teaching license (aka lots of tests and fees!). The MN DOE is actually looking to have one test that covers multiple state licenses. That would've been nice! Can't wait to hear more updates on that!

Mama Bear said... [Reply to comment]

I just looked at my resume that hasn't been updated in many years and I need to work on it asap. It won't even open on my mom's computer because I created it on an old word doc. Bode's Montesorri preschool that I (so far) really love isn't too bad for price. Good luck!!

Mama Bear said... [Reply to comment]

And our missing kindergarteners are so missed. It's brutal.

Becky said... [Reply to comment]

I've really liked what I've heard about montessori schools, but yikes, they are spendy. I work occasionally but wonder about the days when I decide to go back to work full time too. How is my resume going to look when I've mainly been a stay at home mom for x number of years, but technically been a radiographer for 10 years. My experience level isn't going to match up to my number of years as a registered tech. Too much for me to want to think about, but I know if we move in the next year or 2, it'll all be stuff I need to think about.

Sarah said... [Reply to comment]

It sounds like you are in a really good position to go back to work. That's awesome! I feel like I have had the hardest time, both finding a job that I'm willing to do full-time and being ready to make that leap. Having a job that matches your kids' schedules should help make that transition better.

Solange, Nik, Caitlin and Oliver said... [Reply to comment]

I'm exited for all your possibilities. It's nerve-wracking trying to figure it all out but I'm sure that it will all work out in the end.
I was thinking this would be Andrew's year, too. It's just not right.

Kari Wagner said... [Reply to comment]

Teacher hiring fairs???

Sending you a big hug at the beginning of this school year.