Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Musings of a Winter Wednesday

Claire woke me up at 4:30.

And 5:15.

And 5:45.

And 6:00.

And 6:20.

Then Benjamin came in at 6:45.

I grumbled my way through preparing their super fancy and not at all GMO cinnamon Eggo Waffles, grabbed their lunches, stuck them into their already picked out clothes (and yes, I dress them on school mornings because HEAVENS. We would never be at school on time!) I also realize this goes against everything I believe in and still, I do it. Because paying for preschool for two kids is legit and I want them there on time. Because that time is also my time and after a morning like this one, I needed every last minute.

We've been driving the Accord because the husband is working out of town and both cars are in the garage. And the weather is finally chilling out and the temps are climbing, resulting in little need for the AWD of the Subie. Sister got a new carseat in the Accord, so we have a total of 4 now, which we've never had. Until now, we have been schlepping the extra carseat between cars, so I finally bit the bullet and bought a spare. Man, it's glorious.

And while I sure love our Subie, that synthetic oil change isn't as fun because the price tag is triple. These are the things I think about as we're buckling down with some changes coming up soon and a tighter budget for the next 4-5 months. But really, the kids choose which car we drive when both are available because I'm a cool mom like that. But fewer expensive oil changes? Total perk.

Dropped the chickens off at preschool and headed out for a 5-mile run that left me 1/2 mile from home with strange pain in my left hip. I bought some new running shoes. I hate them. So I bought more. I'm hoping these are the shoes dreams are made of, as I've jumped onto the Hoka One One train. But this time, I bought them from REI so I can return them if they totally suck.

I've been thinking a lot about getting old lately. That hip pain quickly turns into panic over the possibility of that being an arthritis zone eventually. I mean, I'm in my mid-30s already and most definitely not getting any younger, judging by the ridiculous soreness I felt after Monday's 11-miler. I'm questioning whether signing up for a half marathon in April was a good idea, but my new motto is just to finish and be kind to my body. I definitely can get under my 2:00 goal and run that distance, but at the expense of hurting myself, I'm not up for that.

I ran and indulged in some reality television, a long hot shower and lunch all by myself. Two pieces of crappy white enriched bread with a slather of guac, hummus, mustard and a couple slices of cheddar stuffed with some salt and vinegar kettle chips followed by too many mint Oreo cookies. Oreo cookies and crappy white bread sandwiches taste 10x better when eaten in silence and while watching junky television. It's a fact.

I rectified the crappy bread situation this afternoon by baking up a loaf of crunchy wheat-rye bread after picking the kids up and scheduling a playdate for the bigger one next week. I'm also scheduling a trail walk with friends next week as the weather appears to be warming up in our neck of the woods. Of course we hope the snow sticks around at 7,000 feet, as ski lessons are going well-- as well as they can be for a kid who always fights us, but then ends up rocking his lesson and killed it on the tow rope for the first time ever this past weekend.

My brain has been looming about getting back into the classroom this fall. I'm doing it. In some regard, I'm back in action come August. I'm making steps, but also putting some of the latest education books on hold at the library to binge read. My head needs some re-training. The teaching part, that's my jam.

The kids are watching a movie, it's raining outside and the house smells of freshly baked bread. I need a nap, but the kids' bedtime is just 3 hours away. Caffeine.


Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

Never had luck with New Balance either. Not enough support for me. Hooks are definitely up there on the short list of shoes I want to try at some point. As long as my plantar fasciitis doesn't get worse and I don't need to switch, I'll stick with my sauconys for now.

I applaud you for your desire and commitment to get back to teaching!

Sarah said... [Reply to comment]

Right there with you on the getting older. On days when I spend a lot of time on my feet, I get pain in my left hip. This has happened since my 20s, so I'm sure it is an arthritis thing, and I should probably run less, but I cannot find another fast, easy workout that I will stick with.

How exciting to go back to a job you love! I'm sure you will enjoy using the non-mom part of your brain.