Monday, September 4, 2017

Sure-um Williams

Benjamin and Claire are a month into kindergarten and 3s preschool at the foreign language Spanish school in our district. Benjamin is writing his name with an ├▒, which is hilarious and also incorrect, but of course it's so cute that I refuse to correct him. They come home singing Spanish greeting songs, counting in Spanish and pointing out their body parts in Spanish. When they play hide-and-seek, they count in Spanish before finding the other.

Back when Elliot worked for Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin used to call it "Sure-um Williams" and of course we didn't correct him. (Educator soapbox: correcting kids discourages them from taking risks. Restating is the best way, unless you think it's super cute, of course, and wait until they figure it out...and they will).

Benjamin has two teachers: one for English, reading and social studies and one for Spanish instruction in math and science. One of his teachers is Sra. Williams. Benjamin calls her Sure-um Williams and I basically can't handle the cuteness.

Claire is loving life with Sra. Cordova and even more than school, they look forward to Kid's Club after school where they do art projects and science experiments. They actually become disappointed when I pick them up too early because they are having so much fun.

School for me is going well. We're a month in and my fifth graders are mostly awesome. Parent involvement looks very different in a Title I school, but kids are still kids. It's a very different environment than my first years of teaching, but one I feel really excited to be a part.

Our weekend adventures are exciting, the weather is still at furnace temps and making lunches every night is kind of a drag, but overall we're enjoying our life here in the Valley of the Sun. Fall weather can't come soon enough.

Somehow I was able to post on my phone, but blogger has been blocking me from my laptop access, so while I'm busier than ever, that's not what has been holding me back. ­čśŐ