Saturday, April 11, 2009

Special Delivery to Vincent Park

We often come home from work or our weekend adventures to packages on our doorstep. The mailman, Tony, or our neighbors/landlords sometimes assist in the matter by attempting to "fool" suspected theives by hiding such packages under flower pots. While we don't feel anyone is being fooled, we haven't missed a package yet.

Courtesy of Ray's parents, the Maryland Wilsons, we receive a package every now and again just to show they love and miss us. Here are some of the most recent surprise gifts we've received and Ray testing them out well.

Beer Bread-- yummy! Oh, and the loaf pan it was baked in was a surprise gift a year back. 
And here we have a Frommer's book about Germany. Ray almost lost his lunch reading about some of the foods described in the book. I will skip those pages and focus more on the aesthetic beauty of the culture and people. No package is ever complete without chocolate. Clearly, we are not deprived of the cocoa bean.
Until next time... with love, B & R


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I'm so excited for you guys:) I'm sad that I missed you while I was in Cali! Of course I did visit CCC in your honor Brandy;) Loved all the Chicago comments (except i think you are a little off on the new yorkers not being as nice...) - the town looks so cute! I look forward to more posts:)
Lots of love- Katie