Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take a ride in the time machine... enter... Fourth Grade!

Today was Open House-- usually known to teachers as a dreaded day because of all the intense prep work for one hour of show. The only reason I am okay with it is because the kids get to come back and take pride in what they've worked so hard on (with me as their teacher, I can guarantee there's been little slacking-- as many of you might have already guessed).

Get your eyes ready... because I took a lot of photos! It's my third open house, and my last one for awhile... and certainly the last one in California! (note all of the CA stuff... 4th grade in all states of the U.S. teach heavily on state history. Looks like all that CA knowledge is becoming void after this summer!)
Here's the geeky door. I'm not sure if it's evident, but their faces are actually my kids' real pictures. We add humor to our jobs as much as possible.

My opening sign. No, nobody ever reads it... considering I was asked if they could take any of the work home about 5 times.
Yes, I baked cookies. I'm a show-off sometimes. :)

I hope you enjoyed your journey. Please step back into the time machine... enter your age and press enter. Don't even think about lying about your age. ;)

With love, B.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment] your room looks so awesome. I feel like I got to visit your room for Open House just by looking at the picutures!

Phil and Dana said... [Reply to comment]

I love this! Your room looks great, thanks for all the pictures. Looks like a fun place to be. Also, I dig how you make the date into a math problem (Jen must heart that big time!). Plus...the date is my birthday ;)

The Rohde's said... [Reply to comment]

Here's my age: 26- I will NEVER lie. So cute! I love the California relief maps. I also love the date as a math problem. :) I think I may try that for my class. I wish our Open Houses had not been on the same night so I could have gone in person but this tour was very fun.