Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mein Geburtstag - siebenundzwanzig Jahre alt!

What a different birthday. Not bad... but totally unconventional! Experiencing more in life than I ever thought possible, I don't see my birthday (especially this year) as a day to stand out... since everyday here in Germany has stood out! Although we spent much of today in the presence of work associates, we felt like we were among family. While not as relaxed as a day with my own parents, we were pleased to have company that has been so trusting and ultimately giving to the two of us.

The day began as I was sitting on the couch in my pajamas (picture taken after I cleaned myself up a bit...) and the doorbell rang. Who could it be... the post-woman! A package just for me from my incredible sister-in-law. A birthday sweatshirt (worn all day!) and some Godiva chocolate caramels.
Here are the goods (minus the sweatshirt) up close and personal. A personalized box of birthday love...
More surprises from Lothar and his wife, Anya. They said the gift should remind me of our great time in Germany when we do finally head back stateside.
Two great meals today...
... and a bit of a back-track. This is what Ray found when he went outside to retrieve my birthday package from the post-woman. A worm nearly the size of his foot. Excuse the foot photo... but chances are if you're reading this, you're family or close friends and you put up with our weirdness.
I received tons of love, cards, and emails from my family and friends. Thanks to all you wonderful people! I do feel very special. Thanks to Gramie, Papa, Kay, Steve, Mom, and Dad, and the rest of you great friends! Vielen Dank! (Many thanks)

Finally, if you're wondering what my amazing husband of 14 glorious months did to celebrate my birthday, here's the info:

I am hard-pressed about thoughtfulness over dollar amount. I'm just that way and consider myself sometimes unnecessarily cheap (I am working on such issues...). Living in Europe is more than any "gift" I could've been given. (But let's be real: before we leave here in March, I will be the proud owner of European boots, gloves, and a nice fragrance). Regardless, I knew we'd be spending the full day with company people and wanted to have a more intimate affair at a later date. We will be going on a "surprise" trip to another country next weekend. It was a "grab bag" of places and he had no choice... other than to keep it a secret from me and make it a fun surprise weekend. So, there are fun things to come next weekend that will send me to my 2nd European country! I love surprises and I'm excited to experience these crazy adventures with such the incredible man I have been blessed with.

Enough from me for now... blog post to come later this week with few photos, but the week of journaling as usual.
Love, B.