Monday, January 4, 2010

Prague, Czech Republic with Mom & Dad (Foster)!

Ray and I have been wanting to visit Prague from the moment we landed in Germany. The first thing we heard from the mouths of Germans were, "You must visit Prague before winter." So here we are. It's winter and we were told not to visit during the cold months. Considering we're only here in fall to winter, it was hard to arrange that "perfect" visit. We actually "blind booked" a flight as we sat in the airport waiting to board a plane to Vienna in October and we expected it would send us to Prague... instead we were sent to Budapest! While not complaining... it took until now for us to actually visit. In the winter.

We initially had issues getting my parents from London-Heathrow to Frankfurt, so we decided to then book them on a flight to Prague instead. Ray and I woke up early that morning and headed off to Prague. The 6-hour drive took 12 hours because we had traffic jams, detours (detours off the Autobahn are just a nightmare), and poor weather conditions. We arrived just as my parents were set to arrive at the aiport. This flight was also delayed; but luckily not canceled. Instead of arriving at 10 p.m., they showed up at 3:30 a.m. It didn't matter. We were just happy to see them. We headed back to our hotel in lovely Prague and slept for a few hours (consider that a nap) before exploring the city.

Here is where that adventure starts:
(photos are out of order, but all happened in the same day)

Known as Praha to the people of Czech, here is a bridge on the Vltava River.

This is the Týn Church in old town square of Prague. Buildings are completely built around it and connected to it. The inside is gorgeous, of course. It's just really hard to capture the beauty of it all.

We love trying new things (when they aren't meat related for me... but most often we try all desserts!)
Here is a Czech/Slovakian dessert called the Trdelník. Bread is cooked over an open fire around a spit and covered in a sugary mixure when done. It was amazing! It was a hit for all four of us.

Doesn't that just look lovely?

We navigated through the metro well thanks to my wonderful husband. :)

Some sights we saw around the city...

Here we are standing in front of the Astronomical Clock Tower located in the old town square. Notice the corn in one hand (food is so cheap in eastern Europe... we LOVE Eastern Europe!) and water in the other (with experience, we always stop off at a local grocery market to purchase water bottles rather than buy from street vendors). There's a rain drop on the camera lens making it a little blurry about our heads!

Dad, Ray, and Mom in front of the old town sqaure of Prague.

A little action shot in the old town square...

A few shots of the Christmas market going on in the old town square

My obsession with the old gothic gate starts here... with a picture of my mom & dad in front of it... they look very excited to be in Europe for two people who hadn't had a good night's sleep in 3 days! Troopers!

I look tiny compared to these beautiful European structures.

Here's a shot of the Jewish Quarter. We didn't explore in there and I'm sad we didn't. I saw a few really cool shots of a synagogue I didn't get to see from other people's albums online! Bummer.

These escalators didn't mess around. They were at like a 40% grade. Oh, and they were about twice the speed of U.S. escalators.

Coat of arms I found on one of the buildings we saw...

Cute little Citroën.

Prague Castle from the Vltava River.

More cool architecture...

And we end our photo tour with the Astronomical Clock... something that apparently has a "show" of sorts (whatever that means) every hour. There were LOTS of people surrounding it. It reminded me a little of the crazy crowds at the Mona Lisa. We didn't stay for the "show" and I hear it's not worth the wait anyway.

left: Mom & Dad with the Astronomical Clock
right: the full clock tower

Next stop... Dresden!