Friday, January 8, 2010

Versailles, France

Ray's parents have traveled France before... and none of us had. Since they had a good idea of where to visit, we followed their recommendations. With two days, we could surely do Versailles & Paris. We were up for the challenge. Once we left Germany and crossed over into France, we were given some "special" surprises. Like... the 30€ in tolls they made us pay just to drive on their stretch of the autobahn. Since we drove the same route back, we were lucky enough to have to pay that amount once more. Hooray.

It was really amazing to drive through areas that had WWI memorials along the highway. I didn't expect that, though it makes complete sense--being a main thoroughfare between the two countries. We also saw two windmills--which I love, as is evident from previous posts.

As we got closer to Versailles, we saw signs...

...and when we arrived, I snapped a very mediocre photo of the street posts...

...a couple other sights..
left: random church
right: old building. I think old printings tell stories. I love them.

one last random shot of Versailles before the real stuff...

Here's the real deal: The Château de Versailles

Louis XVI -- this was his pad

...a couple artsies for your viewing pleasure...

à toutes les gloires de la France = to all the glorious individuals of France
I think this is a museum. I had a hard time finding information online...

In front of the Château gardens

..and for a little humor...

Next stop...just 20 kilometers away... Paris!
(the last stop on our parent visit)