Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Many Hats of My Husband, Literally.

My husband has a problem. He likes hats a lot, but seems to have hat tragedies that somehow result in the loss of his beloved hat. Then, he moves on to another and before long... that one's a goner too!

Exhibit A: Circa 2006, pre-dating. I actually stole this photo from a friend's computer (thanks Jen!) because I had a crush on this guy. But, about the hat... I've never even (physically) seen the hat! It must've bit the dust before I came into the picture.
This would be our second date in May 2006. This Carhartt hat didn't stand a chance. We went to Magic Mountain (Six Flags, depending where you are in the country... everyone calls it a different name) and it was promptly lost on the log ride 5 months later.
Yet another hat that no longer can be found in our collection. It's December of 2006 and raining at the Manhattan Beach pier in Cali.
This was the best weekend of our lives (May 2007). I was sporting some new diamond earrings from my incredible boyfriend and he was sporting his "married" hat. He called it that because I purchased the hat and no single guy would ever wear it. Ha. This one took a disappearing act sometime later in the year. He hiked Mt. Whitney with it on and that is the last we've seen of it. It wins the award for longest lasting.
Ah, one of the many Pictage hats. Pictage is where he worked in LA after leaving the Air Force. Ironically, we're visiting the Air Force Academy in this photo during the summer of 2008. There were many of these hats and I believe my mom even lost one in Big Bear later that year as we flew across the water in their speed boat.
We stopped off at Bourbon Street in New Orleans after James & Carrie's wedding in Pensacola December of 2008. Here's a white Air Force hat that has been lucky enough to hang around, though it's probably because he doesn't really like white hats. It is rarely worn, hence has a longer staying power.
During Christmas of 2008, we both acquired new hats. This time, the L.L. Bean hat has lights. My mom thought it would come in handy. It actually has! This one is still with us because it's only usually worn on special occasions (aka: in the complete dark when a flashlight is unavailable).
During the summer of 2009, we visited Canada. Here we are in Jasper hanging out on a glacier. This hat is another "Life is Good" hat (just like the "married" hat) but this time it's blue with a fish on the front. Apparently the fish is more manly than a runner. We have no idea how it disappeared, but it's a goner.
Finally... this is the last hat we've purchased and seen disappear. We went to a soccer game in Germany during December of 2009. This hat didn't even leave Germany with us when we departed 3 months later. It was gone that fast. This one was left on an airplane and never to be seen again.
Now... I'm sure you all can sense my frustration and feelings of here we go again when I see my husband trying on new hats (as I did in the store just today!).  Perhaps we need that new Blackhawks hat? I may only allow for it if they actually win the Stanley Cup. :)

Does anyone have any solutions to the hat disappearing act we've been dealing with for years now?

{This entire post written with humor and sarcasm. Please don't be concerned that I'm really upset about hats. I just felt a picture documentary to be appropriate and... well... funny.}


Nik said... [Reply to comment]

stop buying hats! :P

Sneaker Teacher said... [Reply to comment]

I WISH some of my husband's hats would go missing...he has tons!

John Deere Mom said... [Reply to comment]

You guys are really cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. I am a teacher too! What grade to you teach? I teach a 5/6 multiage. We finally finished last week! My husband and I are going on a 2 night anniversary getaway to Chicago at the end of the month. I have lived in Indiana my entire life, but have never been to Chicago...crazy, I know! :)