Monday, January 30, 2012

Gratitude Project: Days 1-10

I'm currently trying to learn how to work my camera. On manual. With aperture and exposure and shutter speed. Oh my. Needless to say, I suck at the process. Because I'm not self-motivated to complete tutorials just for the fun of it, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try my hand at one of these photography projects. The whole point is to just get my hands on the camera and shoot... learning as I go.

Here are the products of my first 10 days. I'm new at this... it's going to take time.

Day 1: Favorite Food
Obviously, a burrito. Yes, I did bring my fancy Nikon into Qdoba to shoot countless photos of a burrito.
 Day 2: Smile
Since we're attempting to learn together, Ray wanted to tackle this one.
 Day 3: Happiness
Being married to my incredible husband makes me infinitely happy.
Day 4: Leaves
Our deck frozen over with few leaves to be found...
 Day 5: Morning Sky
If you know me well, you know that this task was the most taxing. I am not a morning person.
Day 6: Books
 Day 7: Something Funny
I struggled with this one. I received an email from a friend telling me that this image reminded her of our love story on the exact day of this project piece. Hence the photo.
 Day 8: Favorite Color
 Since it was the weekend, Ray also participated. He said his was far more creative. Mine would be my blue cashmere scarf outside on our snow-covered bench to show contrast.
His would be the grandpa pill container I purchased so that we could be better about taking our vitamins. One of the better $1 investments. As you can also see, he isn't very good about taking those calcium pills. ;)
Day 9: Inspiring Person
Short of photographing another computer screen image, I had no ideas on this one. Take the camera into church and photograph the pastor speaking? A.w.k.w.a.r.d. So instead, I schleped the Nikon into our favorite Jewish deli where we had lunch and took a photo of someone on the wall. A football star. Sure, he's inspiring to follow your dreams and such, right? But really... I wanted to highlight a Mr. Jon Voight in the picture next to him who apparently loves his pastrami on rye. Hopefully some of you remember the Seinfeld episode where George buys the wrong Jo(h)n Voight's car. Love it.
Day 10: Nature
A tree near the pond we often walk/run around near our house.
Installment II coming February 9.


boo and stacy said... [Reply to comment]

I am laughing OUT LOUD....'said no one ever!' That IS hilarious!!!!!

Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

Love this. I love the one about the crocs, hahaha. :)

Molly said... [Reply to comment]

I was loving my new fancy camera (we opted for the canon rebel, comparable to the Nikon 3100) at Christmas. I picked it up for the first time Christmas eve and started reading the manual. Git some great shots chriatmas day and the following few. And I was really hoping to get in some great practice before this babe [hopefully] arrives, and this photo project is a great way to try different things out. Unfortunately, I don't see much to shoot from my bed-resting chair in my bedroom (ha, but the view IS better than the hospital I should say). I just don't feel motivated to learn about it right now. Maybe as more time progresses I will. I like your pics and will look forward to the next installment.

Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

Love these pics. Maybe a camera will be the one investment I can make BEFORE the Deuce is here.

Tiffany said... [Reply to comment]

I like the pictures of your rings!
I also like the picture of the burrito- but for a whole different reason (you know i'm so hungry i could eat my hand pregnant lady reasons!).
Have you looked into Beryl's Illuminate class? I need to work with my camera too- I should do one of these challenges too!

Josh Jackson said... [Reply to comment]

Coming along nicely! For all the million photos you post here, you getting a camera means we all get the benefit. :)

Addi's mom said... [Reply to comment]

I keep trying to comment here and then getting distracted! Love that you are learning to use your camera...I really need to take a cue from you and get on learning ours!

The crocs thing is too funny! Oh and I had to laugh when I saw your ring because mine is pretty close to it...of course we would share the similar rings...rings, dates etc.!

This is a great project and I can't wait to see more!

Melissa @ A Dozen Years Later said... [Reply to comment]

Your photos look great. I really want to read Heaven is for Real. I need to pick it up the next time I am out.