Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Review: The Weird Sisters

Upon reading the initial synopsis of this book, I carried forward cautiously in my interest to read it because of the connection to Shakespeare. The characters often speak in form as the three "weird" sisters were raised by a Shakespearean professor. While well versed and often used as one-liners in the novel, it was not overused as I assumed it would be. That was definitely a big positive. The main plot is that three women find themselves in the midst of their own crises as they all find their way back home in Barnwell, a small town in Ohio. Each one is battling their own beast while "tending" to the needs of their mother, who is undergoing cancer treatment. While never very connected as sisters, they manage to find their ways into one anothers' lives again and rekindle their sisterhood and friendship.

At about the halfway mark, I questioned how invested I was in each of these characters- Bean, Cordy, Rose, the professor father, the ill-stricken mother, and auxiliary characters that help unfold the story. Ultimately, I was swaying on the end of wanting to know more and wanting to continue, though I wouldn't say I was wholeheartedly invested in any of their lives. It's hard to invest yourself in characters that seem to have more flaws than good in them. Each of the three women has a deep-rooted issue that seems to find its way into the family circle throughout the book.

My friend Jen sent me a text message as I was 2/3 through the book and said, "It gets better. It ends well." She was absolutely right. While I can't say I'd want to befriend any of the characters in real life, I was pleased that they saw the err of their ways and came together in the end for good. Each one underwent a transformation of the heart and really started to live.

Would I recommend it? Sure. It's a quick read with an unpredictable plot. Did I enjoy the parts of deception and adultery? Meh. But in the end, life is somewhat resolved and the three "weird" sisters live harmoniously.
I was compensated for this BlogHer Book Club review but all opinions expressed are my own. If you'd like to read more about this book through the BlogHer network, check this out. The real question is... Can you ever get along with your sister?


Hilary said... [Reply to comment]

I did a review too.. I didn't expect to get so vested in the girls lives either. I was sad when the book ended.. i wanted more..