Friday, October 5, 2012

Insta-Friday - Germany Edition

I took a good number of Instagram photos on our trip to Germany that were never actually published. Now I'm going to share some of the never before seen footage. ;)

{read: too cheap to pay the international fees to post every single picture. Also, for a tip, turn on airplane mode and you can shoot away! Each picture will "fail" to publish but will still save with the cool filters to your phone. I learned that from Pinterest.}

This one was actually published just before boarding our flight over the Atlantic. He was dressed for bed as we attempted to keep him on the schedule he usually has, at least for the flight over.
View from a room at Dad's work in Germany. Looks peaceful, except the part about me holding a wriggling baby who will. not. go. to. sleep in my arms. Hellooooo time change!
Off on a walk to the bakery...
The beauty of Dresden
More Zwinger photos in the Dresden Palace.
Bakery bread, water, and the stroller.
Typical German cookies at markets... this one found at a fall market in Dresden. Reads: I love you.
The husband just couldn't resist another sausage. This one purchased while filling gas.
This is the small town we lived in for 6 months. The thought of them having a monster truck rally is hilarious to me.
Perfection. A pretzel and Apfel Schorle. It's basically 1/2 sparkling mineral water and 1/2 apple juice. Yum-o.
Just sitting down to dinner in Nuremberg.
Mmm... beer condensation. See the grip he's got on that glass? Yeahhhh. Proud parents.
The brew.
May I help you?
The kid has good taste... what can I say?
Last night in Germany. A sink bath.
Airplane eats. Anyone know if this is available in the U.S.? If so, I'm buying a case.
Sleepy chunk on the airplane.
Not-so-sleepy chunk on the airplane.
Sleepy chunk once again. Jet-lag + time change = passed out 
Post-lunch squirrel watch session while Mom washes dishes. Possibly contemplating the meaning of life as well.
Omg Mom, what are these green and yellow things all around me?
It's wake-up time! Baby legs are now arm warmers as they're perfect for fall weather to use with his cute, but Mom's not ready to ditch all his short-sleeved, onesies. Also, Dad may have banned Baby legs from being worn on... legs.
My fave pasta in my fave pot. 
Handsome lunch date at Which Wich on a Wednesday. Alliterative what?
I can already foresee the weekend activities at our house. Leaves, leaves, leaves.
And hey, how about a video? It's just over a minute, but around 55 seconds, he proves that sippy cups are no longer made by lucifer and, in fact, are actually quite awesome. He's been doing this for a few days now, after months of coaxing him with sugar on the end of the straw and washing it everysingleday to practice. Victory!
That's about 2 tablespoons of prune juice + water in case you were curious.


Veronica said... [Reply to comment]

Loves me a pile of sleeping baby.
B looks so snugly on that plan!
Man, it's really FALL over there. Leaves everywhere
I think we have dark chocolate kit-kat here. Stock up on your visit!
That pasta looks scrumptious.

Veronica said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, oh...the sippy cup. He's so cute! What a genius!

Amelia said... [Reply to comment]

G has not ever once looked at food with that much anticipation. I'm SO jealous. Loved the pictures!