Monday, June 9, 2014

B, B & B

B is for Bus.

Benjamin loves bus rides. He loves just about all vehicles. In an effort to spice up the excitement since the husband was out of town last week, I wanted to plan something that would be new and fun for us both. We've taken buses while traveling many times before, and when in St. Petersburg a few months ago, we took one just for fun as well! I'm reminded everyday that commuter buses run through our suburb as they stop right in front of our house and shuttle people to the train station. Unfortunately, we couldn't ride those, as they stop running around 7:30 a.m. and don't come back around until the afternoon. I managed to find a bus route about 3 miles away that we could park and ride just for fun and $1.75 for my adult ticket cost. Pretty cheap for 1.5 hours of adventuring.

It just so happened to also be National Donut Day and I will take any excuse I can to drive through Dunkin' Donuts for their amazing coffee and decadent treats. I had a coffee, chocolate sprinkle donut & Benjamin was happy with his 5 munchkins... though he did request more throughout the bus ride. "No more donut." On repeat. As if I would all of a sudden up and whip some freshly baked ones from my handbag.

We parked at the children's museum (of which we have a membership, so parking is a-okay) and walked over the ramp to the bus stop, which is actually at the train station since it's a commuter line. Commuter line buses are generally cleaner and nothing like a downtown bus. No graffiti. Really clean. Average age of a rider: 75.
The bus pulled up as we were arriving and we hopped on. We ate our donuts, had a few silver-haired ladies take our photo (of which she proudly told me she would get my whole body shot--including side profile of my extra white and not-so-tone thigh). Thanks, lady. I totally appreciate the extra effort. #croppedit

The bus drove one town over, through a local community college, and to another downtown station. There were maybe a total of 15 people who got on/off as we rode. Many of them came over to befriend us, as I clearly looked like a normal person with my toddler and baby. There were a few students, some local residents taking the bus to work, a veteran who was going to a doctor's appointment, and a pregnant woman. Even the bus driver became friends with us. At one of the longer stops, he whipped out his phone as any proud grandpa would, to show me pictures of his new grandson. This was definitely the suburban bus line.

We took the full loop and went back to our car for lunch and naptime. Except, Benjamin wanted to go to the children's museum instead. Tantrum ensued for the entire drive home and an additional hour past that. Fun times. We'll definitely ride the bus again, but I might have to rethink where I park the car...

B & B: Bottle & Bottega

My fantastic friend Alli turned 27 at the end of May. We wanted to celebrate her, so a group of girls got together at one of those trendy new wine and paint joints. She picked the painting, which matched well with her husband's hobby of cycling (and he's good, you guys!). We brought wine and snacks and spent a leisurely three hours without kids (well, Alli is young and has no kids, nor did half of the attendees) just painting and chatting about life.

It was so. much. fun. I'm so glad we did it! Everyone changed up the original painting in some way, except me. I stuck to the book. I liked it so much and the short slogan that went with it. It's fitting of my personality to persevere and perhaps also fits my stubbornness. But the rest were creative.
Top row: Mine (very traditional), Alli's (her husband's quote idea), Kristi.
2nd row: Ashlea (who works in a nursing home as the director of Dementia (I hope I'm right!?), Emily who is Alli's very cool sister. She had a bike but decided she would cover it, Liz
3rd row: Middle picture is Meaghan who works with kiddos if you couldn't tell!


Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

If you could whip up fresh donuts out of your purse, I would move to Chicago tomorrow.

what cute kiddos you have there.

Molly said... [Reply to comment]

Lol my sister got grounded for taking the bus once. They aren't so nice here--glad y'all didn't get shot haha!! ;)

Brie said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like you hit the jackpot. A bus ride annnnnnd donut day? Oh snap! Lol. I so wish we live near one another!