Thursday, October 13, 2016

Halloween Costume Idea Squashed. Help.

I could have the kids just dress in their costumes from last year, because it's not like anyone locally has any clue we're reusing (and so what if they did anyway?).

BUT... they were putting chairs together from the dining table the other days and hauling every single pillow and blanket we own to construct a hot air balloon the other day and I sort of thought, why not that? 

I think Halloween should be fun and creative, but I don't play either of those things well. I'm sort of fun, but not at all creative when it comes to costumes. I just can't handle anymore Elsa costumes (no offense to the millions of children who will be dressed in shimmery light blue with blond braids). 

I took to Pinterest because that's what people my age do in a crisis of absentee creativity in oneself.

I fell in love. Like, head over heels. 



I mean, it's relatively easy and super adorable. I mostly wanted to replicate the yellow balloon one to a T.

Then I visited the party supply store. FIFTEEN DOLLARS for just one balloon filled with helium. Maybe that's not a lot for some people, but this is a DIY project and also, I am literally paying for air in a rubber receptacle that will either deflate or be popped possibly immediately. And if you've ever raised small children, you know that a popped balloon basically means you have ruined their lives. Thirty dollars and the thought of all that stress...

Right then and there, my brilliant idea of creative costumes the kids could help with was immediately squashed. Deflated, if you will. (I know, I'm hilarious sometimes.) I've searched ebay and Amazon for some 36" balloons, but where do I find helium at an affordable price? Maybe I can convince my local dollar store to fill them for a couple bucks each. Hmmph. Totally open to accepting your brilliant ideas, but I'm probably just going to sit on the couch sulking about my brilliant failure of an idea that probably won't come to fruition. 

And so, you'll probably expect to see some re-used costumes this year. At least we have our decorations out and I'm fully stocked on Halloween candy. Snickers anyone?


Laura Jane said... [Reply to comment]

I have bought a refill tank from walmart for home balloons before.

Now, another idea? What about one of those large rubber balls or exercise balls? Depending on the weight of the balls, maybe use something to prop up the rubber balls? that's all I've got. <3

Mama Bear said... [Reply to comment]

I get helium balloons from the dollar store, filled but do they not have the size baloons you need? I think even the normal non-round helium balloons would look cute and they don't need to be huge if attached to toddler. Or heart shaped one would be cute. Or multiple balloons together, like the movie Up...

Kristin Moomey said... [Reply to comment]

Ella was a hot air balloon once. Actually, she was "Balloon Glow" - a favorite nighttime event we have here before a race. So her costume had battery operated lights in the balloon so she could "light up" and go dark.

The balloon idea is brilliant - we used one of those paper lanterns but it had to go onto her head, which was a little tippy, but she didn't care.

I bought three shades of brown foam paper and she cut her own strips and we wove them around her body. It was awesome.

Maybe call around to a few places for prices? I've purchased those giant balloons for parties and had them filled locally for less than that. They are sturdy - I doubt you'd pop them easily.

The balloons are just $5 each from here:

Call grocery store florists, ask for fill prices for an oversized balloon. I doubt it's $10 each. (Make sure to verify they have the larger nozzle for a large balloon.) The rest of the costume is pretty inexpensive, and items you already have, right? And use the weaving idea if you don't want to butcher a basket to wear.

A Few Good Eggs said... [Reply to comment]

What a cool idea! I don't have any others, but I love the one you had. A friend mentioned her daughter is going as a jellyfish - something with a clear umbrella and LED lights:

Dianna said... [Reply to comment]

Party City will blow up your balloons but not sure how much. I think Dollar Tree only does the foil balloons.