Sunday, October 16, 2016

Potty Training Uhhhh-gain

Back on the train for the second installment of potty training my children. I'll admit that Claire has probably been ready for eons. And, well, I just wasn't. Because I remember how SUPER FUN it was to potty train Benjamin and how I waited forever because he was so noncommittal (or was that me?) and then when we did it, he was potty trained fully without any need for any sort of pee pad, alarm, pull-up or anything in a matter of like 5 days. He just did it all the time, by himself, without me even bothering. I never had to pull the nagging "Do you have to go potty" before we left for somewhere and I still don't. The kid has an uncanny ability to hold his urine for ridiculously long periods of time. I literally took back all the Pull-Ups I bought in anticipation of using them for years because he never used a single one.

For Claire, I just kind of assumed that if I pushed it off until she was almost three like Benjamin was when he trained, it'd all be roses and easy. Whenever we asked her if she wanted to, she'd always say, "tomorrow" and was happily bringing me diapers and wipes for changings for many months. So it's time.

Someone said something about girls being easier.

WRONG. Double. Triple. Wrong. Liars.

For one, boys can go standing up and somehow it is socially acceptable for them to pee on nature anytime, anywhere. They don't require wiping for that business and you don't have to deal with the fears of them falling into the toilet or those stupid automatic flushers sucking them into oblivion. Real fears from little people, seriously. Girls require lifting onto and/or holding them on the potty or bringing in a potty topper (which I do often) that was virtually unused with Benjamin (he was also good about holding the poop until we were good and home).

Girls require running to the potty, making sure said potty is clean, covering the top, holding there, wiping, flushing, washing... LORD HAVE MERCY.

Boys just piss on a tree and you squirt them with a little hand sani and head on your way.

Claire has been peeing in the potty solidly for 2.5 weeks now. For the last 1.5 weeks, she's done it without accident. I was going to keep her home from school a week ago to continue bootcamp, but then picture day put a snag in my plans. Still, she managed dry diapers at school and using the potty. But this week, she must've eaten something awful because when I picked her up from school on Monday, the teacher handed me a dark bag of super fun, totally diarrhea-filled clothing. And then she proceeded to expel the same fun into her underwear and accompanying pants for the next two days. Finally, the following day, she walked her naked self into the bathroom, sat down and did her business without me accompanying her. Finally. A solid in the potty. Her first one. Pee was a snap, but poop was absolutely not. Benjamin was pooping on the potty before he ever peed, so this was something new for me. What a blast it has been cleaning those clothes. Ick.

We celebrated big with mint Oreos (imperative that you find these at your local market and buy them. They are my fave of all time). She's done it a few times more now with no accidents of any kind now for 4 days or so.

I'm not saying we're out of the dark on this potty situation, but we're headed on the right track. Fruit snacks ready and happy face potty chart taped to the bathroom mirror, we're not turning back. She's not interested in diapers at bedtime (but mommies who don't want to be woken up to wet mattresses sure are) and is requesting underwear like brother, so I've committed to November 1 as diaper-free Wilson household IF she manages dry diapers for the next two weeks solid.

Send us your potty pixie dust and well wishes. Please and thank you. Also, OMG, it's possible I'm done changing diapers forever? Wow.


Amelia said... [Reply to comment]

I am super bewildered that both our non eating children are camels! I have to force G to potty multiple times a day. Otherwise she just....doesn't. We don't have emergency stops on long trips, (for her) we rarely have ew gross you have to go here it's the only option (for her) moments. I seriously wonder if the neuropathway that tells them it's time to eat is connected to the pee one. Like all mid abdominal messages are blocked. Weird.

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

I feel like Mary is two steps forward one step back. Or maybe the other way around. Same boat - the girl is not nearly as easy as the boy. But then nothing has been constant in her life for the last few months soooo, I haven't done any strict boot camps yet. Maybe when we have a routine and ya know, furniture and stuff.

A Few Good Eggs said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, my gosh. I am dreading potting training and really want to do it before we leave in January. Now I'm even more nervous!

Kudos (or Oreos!) to Claire for getting it and for your patience!

Laura Jane said... [Reply to comment]

Unless it is a super favourite outfit/pants/etc I toss nasty things every.time. Very few accidents with Piper except we're resumed nighttime pull up wearing because she is always thirsty and guzzles before bed. She'll get there. :)

and I hear you on all the wiping.all.the.time. It's a lot. Glad to hear you're gearing up to be donezo with dips forever! ;)

LookItsJessica said... [Reply to comment]

OH MAN! We have, in the last 3 months, graduated from me lifting her onto the toilet every single time. And the wiping... I still do it at night! I had never thought about boys being easier because everyone always says they are not. How exciting to be DONE with diapers soon! :)

kidsakeeper said... [Reply to comment]

All the wiping. The boys were ten times easier to potty train vs. S, although she grasped the reward for services rendered a whole lot better than they did lol - Ida