Monday, July 17, 2017

Desert Dwelling

We're officially established in our fourth state as a married couple. The kids have claimed three states as their own and Claire has decided she is all done moving. Girlfriend doesn't like change as much as the rest of us. Meanwhile, Benjamin has requested we take him to see "the whole world." They're different personalities, those two.

 Scottsdale Library + our favorite ice cream shop

I finally hung the last of the lingering pictures on the walls this morning (along with calling 748 people to manage bills and doctor appointments, etc.). That's the WORST part of moving anywhere. I almost want to stay here forever just so I don't have to pay another deposit, establishment fee, or search doctors covered under insurance and make appointments for a whole family for dental, dermatology and primary care. That adulting stuff is seriously the pits.
 ASU Art Museum, Diamondbacks Game with Aunt Mansa & Phoenix Children's Museum
As for us, Arizona hasn't brought all that many surprises, but it definitely has delivered the majority of our expectations. It's hot. We've killed as many cockroaches as we have lived here in weeks. (They also happen to me my least favorite creature on the planet.) The pool is our friend. The water bill is not (hello $480! We also know this isn't normal and we're taking action.). The electric bill is also not at $430.

 Swimming at Uncle Justin & Aunt Anna's House and post theatre production happiness with Tweedledee.                                  

Y'all, I'm not sure we've ever paid more than $100 for a water bill (which would've been extremely high because we're fairly water wise). And even in the heat of a Midwest summer, we never spent more than $250 on our electricity, with the average about $150 in the summer months. This house is about 1/3 smaller than our Illinois two-story home with basement, so it's both baffling and cringe-worthy. With that said, I'm told that winter brings bills that are mild and breezy.

Moving to the Sonoran Desert in the summer was a unique choice.
T-ball, cool parks, s'mores and slurpees. Basically, Hashtag Summer.

The kids haven't been on bikes or scooters since leaving Reno and won't likely be back to riding until the fall. Parks just sit vacant, because while the rest of the country is flocking to the local parks, it's impossible here. We'll catch up in January when it's a perfect 75 here, though. Not complaining.
Cabazon Dinosaurs & Dinner with Family

In the 1.5 months we've been here, we've visited the Phoenix Children's Museum, Arizona Science Center, ASU Art Museum, gone to a Diamondbacks game, hiked Camelback Mountain, eaten at countless incredible restaurants, visited libraries, and spent time at pools and rec centers for swim lessons and t-ball. Benjamin had theatre camp at a local theatre (and loved it, of course). The final presentation of Alice in Wonderland was awesome and we plan to sign him up again this fall. Both kids attended VBS one week and Art Camp another week.

We've had three sets of visitors stay with us and I took the kids on a road trip to LA to quickly see the family before sprinting back here. It sure was a boring drive, but the fake dinosaurs near Cabazon, CA were an interesting bunch to break up the monotony.

It's only a high of 98 here today and I legitimately felt a breeze in the air when I was packing my car up with stuff to take to my classroom tomorrow. You know you've acclimated when 98 feels "breezy" to you.

Off to lather up with sunscreen and hop in the pool. #required


Amelia said... [Reply to comment]

CA isn't up to Phoenix standards but 90 feels downright cool for us. ­čśé G requested to go to the zoo when it was 105 and was totally shutdown. Personally I love the heat. Glad to see you're acclimating.

Sarah said... [Reply to comment]

Texas is similar, and I get so lonely in the summer. But it is pretty hard to beat a T-shirt and sunglasses in January. Glad that you have found a lot of fun things to do in Phoenix!

Brie said... [Reply to comment]

those bills are HUGE! I'd cry.

Sonja Mitchell Gallagher said... [Reply to comment]

The way you embrace new places is so wonderful! But eek the heat! We just survived 106 and I thought of you guys.
And the Claire vs Ben contrast about moving - super interesting...

Danielle said... [Reply to comment]

Stuck in the hospital with N and so I CAN'T WAIT to catch up on all you've been up to since we chatted last ♡ we miss yall so much!!

A Few Good Eggs said... [Reply to comment]

I'm way behind, but love this update on life in AZ. You seem to be adapting quite well and I'm impressed with how you are handling the heat. I would be complaining all the time. Can't wait for the update on how work is going.