Friday, July 24, 2009

The Difference Between Men & Women (in the Wilson house)

Naturally, Ray is organized and begins packing boxes the moment he arrives home from work. I have contributed a bit. I am the cook and dishwasher while he packs, and I even patched and painted over the holes in the walls. That was a task. For some reason though... I'm finding it daunting to pack this time. I just don't want to pack things I think I'll need in the next 8 months, since we won't be opening them until we return from Germany... probably around April 2010.

If you know Ray, though, you know how much of an engineer mind he has. Here he is fitting the chair legs into the base of the table in an effort to prevent them from falling out. Notice the technique.In my first attempt to pack a box, I chose to start in the bathroom. Naturally, I ran into my 80's crimper and figured that if you "run into" a crimper... crimping you must perform. The results:
Here's the old-school tool. He's had some good use over the years and still works-- but takes forever to warm up! to the boxes... again...