Monday, July 13, 2009

Welcome to our Humble Abode!

Being newlyweds, we needed a sweet newlywed pad. We selected Redondo Beach as our new area because of the price and the convenience... and we love living here. It's a bit of a crooked little duplex with awful landscaping and baby blue paint, but we were able to make it our own... and it became our first place together as a married couple. Here's a tour for those who haven't been over for a visit: (this is actually for us to remember our first place, but I wanted to share with our friends too!)

Here's where we live, right on the corner.

Here's the view from our front porch to the left. It's a bit creepy that what you're looking at is the high school (Redondo Union) I graduated from 9 years ago. I can't believe it's almost my 10-year reunion! No, I won't be attending. Sorry, when you live this close, there's no urgency to hang out with the people who you still see at the local Starbucks.
This is the view to the right while standing on our porch. It's this awesome park that gives us better scenery than houses and makes us feel more comfortable in general.
Here's the view directly out our front door. I love it. I sure hope we can find a wonderful house in Naperville that has something as enjoyable... like a stream.......
Then, I turned the camera around. Here's the little bitty duplex we've called home for the last year. It really has been great!
Here's a side profile. This is the back door and next to it is the best window that gives the most wonderful breeze-- especially on summer nights!
This is what you see when you walk right into our front door. Please wipe your feet. ;)
Walk a few steps forward, then turn around to see the other side where the door is...
Here's the tour of the kitchen. I like how spacious it is, but it has no counter space! What you see is all there is! Thank goodness for pull-out cutting boards...
Here we're seeing the left view. We made do.
Here's the final part of the kitchen. It's quite cute, just not practical for more than two people. That is my pantry and cupboard space, and that's just about it!
Here's what you see to the right, directly right of the kitchen. That's the awesome window (when opened, that breeze I mentioned... killer!). This place also has a laundry area. While not completely closed off, we are so thankful for it. The best thing about the place, by far.
I actually love my kitchen floor! How rad and retro is that! Totally fitting for our first apartment together.
Oh, welcome to box room (when not moving, it's actually quite normal with a bed-- seen under all the boxes) and minus my entire classroom since I had to move out of that at the end of June.
More of the guest bedroom view.
It's not a huge room, but it does the job. It's a guest room/office.
Now we're turned around, as if you turned back around heading towards the front door.
Entered... the bathroom. I closed the door and we're looking at the door that walks into the guest bedroom (we just left). The whole house is one big circle. It's awesome because although it's small, there is more than one entrance/exit to every room. We don't run into one another and it's great!
Turned around facing the rest of the bathroom. Quaint, but not the most exciting bathroom in the world.
Here's the hallway facing the second entrance to the bathroom.
Here's the bedroom and our closet. We have certainly maxed out the amount of clothes, etc. that people are supposed to put in closets. But, alas, it has worked.
Turned around in the bedroom. That door leads you to the front door. Are you catching on the the whole "loop" of the house? Pretty cool, huh?

That ends the tour of our first apartment! Off to our second apartment together in Germany, then our first house in Illinois! Come visit!