Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Update: Week 27

I may have just had a mini-anxiety attack seeing that there are 88 days until our little guy is making his appearance (give or take some days/weeks, of course)! Sheesh. This time has sure gone by quickly.

How far along?: 27w5d
How big is Baby?: About two pounds and still around the size of an eggplant. He is around 14 inches or in that range.
Maternity clothes?: Yes. I am starting to max out the shirts I can wear from my pre-pregnancy collection. I have centimeters (literally) that are left to grow before I may split these shirts at their seams. Soon, it's maternity all-day, everyday. I'm trying to not only wear what is still somewhat tolerable in this 60-70 degree weather before it turns freezing and I won't see it until at least May/June of next year, and what I can still fit into. Since the maternity options are limited, you must maximize your options early in the game. Pants, of course. I even invested in two pairs of pants at Old Navy in maternity sizes. I figured that if I were sub teaching, I'd need them. And... I have. I subbed every day last week!
Sleep?: Yes, doing well--except that nightmare I had last night where Ray was sticking his hand out to touch a very large (tarantula-style) spider that was sitting on a piano. As I watched the spider's green buggy eyes expand out of their sockets (seriously, pregnancy dreams are crazy!), I woke us both up as I screamed, "Oh my gosh!"
Best moment of the week?: Having five great days of sub teaching in a row! I actually enjoyed my time at these schools and met some new teachers that were quite nice.
Movements?: Yes. Some are alienesque. You can absolutely see him maneuvering in there and he loves somersaults. He's obviously reaching capacity in there.
Food cravings?: No, but I'm eating well. We just bought a huge bag of quinoa at Costco and I'm thrilled. It's high in protein, a delicious carb, gluten-free (who knew?), and tastes better than rice! I am expected to have more protein while pregnant and I am enjoying this.
Aversions?: Nope.
What I miss?: Drinking options. I don't really care that I can't drink alcohol, but when at countless business dinners, it would be nice to indulge in a glass of wine with my meal like all the rest of the people at our table. It would just add to the experience. But, this little guy is totally worth the restraint.
What I'm looking forward to?: Finishing the wall preparations in our bedroom and office so we can primer and paint the walls! Maybe then we can move back into the room! Our goal, October 1. We'll see...
Anything else?: Baby W has an 85% chance of survival if born this week. Wow! He is now able to open/close his eyes, is breathing (though inhaling amniotic fluid), and gaining fat that he needs.
This week in history: Miners are still stuck in Chile, Oprah begins her final season... I know... slow news reading for me this week-- I've been busy!

What's going on this week (with us)?: We had a great week and had a visitor in town from Germany. While I subbed this week and had lovely get-togethers with friends for various reasons (Bible study, making a meal for a friend who had a baby, bridal shower for another couple...), Ray was traveling to Indiana to some steel mills. In other news, I had to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a child for the first time! I was sub teaching 3rd grade and was in another classroom just assisting the teacher as my students were in the gym. With two other adults in the room, the child approached me and told me that he had a grape stuck in his throat. He muttered the words and I immediately brought him into the hallway to have a drink, with hopes the water would force the grape down. It didn't. He shook his head and he began to turn red in the face. So, with no other adults in sight, I had to perform the HM on him right there in the hallway. About 5 pumps later, he turned around, let out a huge sigh, and said, "You got it! It's not stuck anymore!" It was a scary experience but I'm sure glad I had some type of training way back when! It made me very nervous that I am just 88 days from having my own son to care for and I may panic at such important times. Never in 3 years of teaching had I even come close to needing this procedure. Leave it to a day when I'm subbing in a new school... in a new state... with kids I don't really know!


Sneaker Teacher said... [Reply to comment]

Good job on the grape save! Wow I bet that was scary, but way to keep your cool and help out!! You saved a life!