Friday, December 3, 2010

Baby Update: Week 38

Here we are... the home stretch. Baby W is viable and could come {safely} at any time. I'm ready for him to arrive because I'd love my body back. As you know from my previous post, 6 days ago I had an external version done to turn Baby W into the correct position. From that experience, I was required to wear a very large belly band and it's super itchy! As if the humidity changes haven't already caused me to lose TONS of sleep and itch all night incessantly-- add a wool band to the mix and that's a cocktail for pain and torture. But, worth it, I know.

How far along?: 38w3d
How big is Baby?: Big enough to make his appearance! I believe he's probably in the 6-7 pound range at this point. I'm not huge and most people that see me do no react to him being very large at all.
Maternity clothes?: Yes. We all know how I feel about them at this point. Thank goodness for yoga pants on days where the other 4 options just aren't working.
Sleep?: Terrible. Like I said, that itching! I think it's about 40% baby and 60% intense dry skin. I have literally tried it all: oils, lotions, wet skin + lotion/oil, infrequent showers, short showers, humidifier running all night...
Best moment of the week?: When Baby W was turned successfully!
Movements?: Oh yes. His new position head-down doesn't seem to be bothering him much since he's moving as much as ever!
Food cravings?: No. I did make peanut clusters last night for the first time ever. My mom would make these ever year for Christmas and since I had all the ingredients (peanuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter), I figured I'd try my hand at it. Peace of cake and delicious.
Aversions?: Not really... but the heartburn has been creeping back and making me question my food choices. Gardetto's mix = rough night.
What I miss?: A full night of uninterrupted sleep. Haha. I know. Laugh away. That will cease to exist in just a couple short weeks when Baby W arrives.
What I'm looking forward to?: I am looking forward to the weekend! It starts (for my husband) in about 4-5 hours!
Anything else?: Not really. He's fully grown and all set to make his appearance. The thin hair on his body is shedding and the vernix is also diminishing.
This week in history: Obama makes a surprise visit to Afghanistan, we had our first snow! It didn't stick for long but I hear tomorrow we'll be getting 2-6 inches! And so it begins...

What's going on this week (with us)?: We had a great week. I subbed a few times but I have a feeling that this will be my last week. I would go one more week of subbing, but people keep asking me when I'm due, if I am up for the task of working a full day (what would I be doing at home but driving myself crazy?! Laundry is done, bags are packed...), etc. It's almost like they want me home-- which I guess makes sense. No one wants me going into labor in the middle of subbing kindergarten, right? Depending on how far along I am according to my doctor tomorrow, I'll make the decision if I will continue working a few more days or not-- though I know it's not super accurate either way since people progress at different rates.

We are getting a Christmas tree tomorrow after my 38-week doctor's appointment. I've never had an appointment on a Saturday. Tomorrow will be my first time. Christmas trees seem much cheaper here than in LA... or maybe it's been too long since we've purchased one. We've only had one tree in our 2.5 years of marriage since last year we did not buy a tree in Germany (traveling a ton and no space). We should be able to find a nice tree for under $25. Many go for around $15. Not bad.

We have a date night on Sunday to Geja's Cafe. It has been rated one of the most romantic restaurants in Chicago. We considered checking out Marshall Fields' lights and window displays on State street, too, but it may be too cold. It's been in the 20's with a wind chill down to about 10-15 degrees lately. We may be doing a drive-by rather than parking and walking in the freezing (and potentially hazardous, icy terrain) temperatures. Either way, we're going to have an awesome fondue dinner! Can't wait!

Here are the photos from the previous months. Since they turned Baby W, you may be able to see a huge difference in the shape of my belly. It's definitely less of a basketball and more top-to-bottom rounded out.
Here I was two weeks ago at 36 weeks breech.
Here's my 38-week photo after the external version = no longer breech.
Here are the rest of the photos in case you'd like to check back in time. At my 40 week post, I am thinking about creating a video slide show to see progression better. It's a pain to upload, but I'll make it happen somehow. That is if Baby W isn't here already! :)

Here's a lovely care package sent by Samantha for Thanksgiving along with a card from my parents-- the jellybeans are long gone!
Our friend Erin (who just had a baby girl in October!) sent over these books as some of her favorites. She's also a kindergarten teacher, so she knows what the little ones love. I would say that the super little guys perplex me. I'll learn soon enough! Thanks Erin & Adam!
It's been package central at our house... unfortunately I don't have a photo of all the amazing things Alison, Nic, Gab & Scotty sent (I put it away already and wasn't going to run around the house pulling things from shelves... sorry no photo!), but I'll describe the amazing stuff. Alison has now had two little ones of her own and had a baby in March, so she's well versed on what she loves. She wanted to share some of those loves with us and Baby W.

Aden & Anais swaddlers (these are so wonderful!), Sophie the Giraffe & Giraffe Wubbanub, 2 nursing tank tops she bought for a total bargain (way to go, Al!), a Boon Squirt spoon (...which is awesome! They use them with Scotty and they're super convenient!), & A Baby Gap footed outfit (SO cute). Everything is being washed so it's all ready to go! :)

Here are a few photos of that horrible band I've been wearing. I've only taken it off for a total of about 3 hours since Sunday. I wear it when I sleep since I am less aware of his movements then, and most of the time when I'm awake. Right now, however, I am being a rebel. It's just so uncomfortable. I'm hoping by tomorrow's appointment, the doctor will tell me I am good to go and he's right where he needs to be without a chance of movement. Of course that's probably unrealistic, but it's a hope.

Doesn't that look comfy? The good news is (if I'm trying to be positive here), is that it does provide back support if that was a concern... which it's not, really.


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Wow-- That belt does not look comfy! Go baby W, go!