Sunday, November 28, 2010

EV Success!

Guess who's no longer breech? That's right!

We went into labor and delivery for our 10 a.m. appointment with the celebrity doctor and before we knew it, Baby W had a new position. I bet he's just super confused at this point having been breech for a long time and now living in an upside-down world.

We know L&D quite well considering we spent a few hours there on Tuesday after my fall. We were taken into a delivery room this time because they needed to use the ultrasound machine-- and it appeared to be pretty quiet around the area.

The nurse hooked me up to fetal monitoring again, asked me a ton of questions, and gave me a shot that was to calm the uterus before the EV was to be performed. The shot was no walk in the park and hurt for a few minutes after, but I've had worse. It made me feel a bit jittery, but that's just what the nurse said I might feel. She came in and gave me a big cup of ice water to get the baby moving. It seemed to work quite well because there was lots of movement going on!

After being there for about 30 minutes, the doctor came in, checked to make sure I was still breech (definitely) and they hauled in the ultrasound machine. They checked his positioning and heart rate often for a few minutes as they figured out where he was in my belly. Then, the action started. She used both hands on my nicely gooped belly (they used a bunch of that ultrasound gel), scooped his bottom and his head and moved him in a circle clockwise (if you're from my perspective). It took about 15 seconds and it worked! Except... he promptly moved back into his lovely breech position. They monitored me again, counted his heart rate, and tried again. This time, about 15-20 not-so-comfortable seconds and he was head down! She held him there for about a minute while monitoring his heart rate as to make sure there was no distress. While painful, it wasn't the worst I've felt. The nurse commented twice that she's never seen anything like it-- the baby's body obviously moving into place. The doctor said it was because I'm a small person and every large body part (his head, mainly) was visible. The doctor was very pleased and said I was a great candidate not only because I have a small physique, but because I was relatively calm throughout the process and didn't tense my stomach muscles.

I was hooked up again to fetal monitoring to assure there was no distress and discharged 2 hours later-- after we both had cat naps, watched a little TV, and listened to some Christmas music. Before we left, I was strapped with a massive belly band so that it would hold him in place and give him little room to be able to flip back up if he tried. I have instructions to wear this band at least until my next OB appointment on Saturday, December 4th.

While elated, it's a bit more scary and real now! Things could potentially move at any time considering he is in position. With our previous situation, I had more control of knowing that there was little likelihood I would go into labor because he was not positioned properly. Now... it's all a mystery! Thank you to all who were praying (especially my favorite 2-year old, Joel Marriott). Now, if we can only keep him down and from already expressing his {obviously} individual mind. I wonder who he has acquired that quality from? ;)