Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lots of Yellow + Squirrel Carnage

I'll start with the carnage. Ever since a few days before Halloween, we've noticed some special holes in our pumpkins. We suspected birds. Oh no. Squirrels. Instead of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like they used to eat in Southern California (they weren't normal), they eat pumpkins. I guess it makes sense. They are edible and the squirrels are hungry. They're also not stupid. They know winter is coming and that is a time where they will starve if they aren't on their game. The carnage looks much worse now, but I didn't snap any more photos.
We celebrated our friend Kristi's 30th birthday with dinner and fun at their house. They made lasagna and salad. It was awesome.
We all dressed in yellow to pay tribute to Kristi who loves yellow. Some of us did not have yellow (I seriously can't believe Ray does not own a single piece of yellow clothing. Nothing. Not even a t-shirt.
Here is the some of the crew in yellow...
Ladies in yellow...
Reflective yellow shot. It doesn't appear that I'm doing a whole lot of reflecting. Haha.
Good friends, good fun.