Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Update: Week 35

No pictures on this one, sorry! Next week I'll be displaying the 36-week belly. Only a few more of these photos to go before Baby W makes his debut into the world!

How far along?: 35w2d
How big is Baby?: He's about 18 inches long and 5.25 pounds. He's officially out of the preemie stage! If he were born today, he'd most likely be a well-developed little guy. Correction... I just read online that a preemie baby is one that is born prior to 37 weeks gestation. However... there are many babies born before this at 6-7 pounds and perfectly normal. So, I'm not sure about that!
Maternity clothes?: Yes. I have cleared out a few items to give back to a friend I've borrowed them from because she is pregnant now with her second and has informed me that she is feeling her clothes already tightening. I have about a month left (thankfully!) and will be sizing down from there. Once baby comes, I may just be wearing lots of yoga-ish pants. Preferred anyway.
Sleep?: Yeah. I attempted to use this pregnancy pillow wedge but hated it. So, that exited the bed after one night. It was to position me and provide support of my lower back and belly while sleeping-- it also kept me on my side rather than falling on my back, which isn't recommended. Regardless, it didn't work and I didn't like it. Sleeping on my side just as always is what is best for me.
Best moment of the week?: I went on a great walk (and actually sweat!) with my friend Jess today. So far, that was the moment. I can't say that subbing in 1st grade or kindergarten were really that enthralling, honestly. ;)
Movements?: Yes, he's moving, but not in the right places! We found out yesterday at my appointment that he is breech, head up! Yikes! He still moves plenty but now I hope he's channeling that energy to move down into the birth canal. Can't believe I just typed that. Woah.
Food cravings?: No. But thankfully there is only one Snicker's ice cream bar left in the freezer. I have eaten 11/12 myself-- but not in the same day. I'd say I've consumed them over the course of two weeks. Still, dangerous!
Aversions?: Nope.
What I miss?: I miss running again. I just feel so immobile not being able to move my body more. Walking was nice, but it's not running. I know... get over it. Soon I'll be able to run again and I won't want to. Haha.
What I'm looking forward to?: I'm looking forward to the weekend again. I see my husband more on weekends and love that. We signed up to volunteer at the food pantry we've volunteered at before this coming Saturday and we have plans with friends, too. It should be a nice weekend. I'm also looking forward to my next doctor's appointment (Tuesday) so we can continue investigating Baby W's breech position and talk about options. They said they generally do not do an external version on women in their first pregnancies because there is a concern of rupturing the placenta in the process. We'll see. I've started all kinds of weird things like lying on an ironing board with frozen veggies, shining flashlights, and crawling on all fours for about 15 minutes at a time. Not enjoyable... so I sure hope he makes the decision on his own! C'mon Baby! We are conscious, however, that no matter what happens, this little guy will be a joy to us and just having him will be wonderful. Sure... I'd love to avoid a c-section at all cost, but if that does come to be, I need to accept it, remain thankful, and carry on.
Anything else?: Not a whole lot in the baby department as far as development is concerned aside from added pounds and finishing touches. He looks pretty much as he will when he finally comes.
This week in history: How about some positive news: today we celebrate our Veterans. :)

What's going on this week (with us)?: We are having a fine week at the Wilson house. Tomorrow night Ray will be playing dodgeball for his Friday night sport since there is no volleyball tomorrow. I'll go and watch as usual. We have our weekend planned and it will include lots of socializing. I think we'll probably buy a few baby (etc.) items this weekend, too. Baby is getting closer and we could use a few more things that although aren't required, may make life easier post delivery. I have my prenatal massage tomorrow and I'm thrilled! It should be awesome. I hope that I can relax enough for the positions she'll probably put me in. No doubt it will be my first prenatal massage and that in itself is a bit weird. But, I love massages and will absolutely come away feeling more refreshed.


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I was breech and I turned out okay! Also, my mom said I "came out ready to run," so maybe Andrew is going to be a track star! Whoops ... sorry about the last post I had a spelling error. Haha.