Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby Update: Week 34

It's been a great week here at the Wilson house. We've been quite productive and we're only "nesting" a little-- most of it is just preparing for winter!

Here are the updates before some fun photo updates:

How far along?: 34w5d
How big is Baby?: I read that he is between 4 pounds and 5 pounds at this point, erring on the side of 5 rather than 4! He's becoming a big boy! If born now, he would likely be fine with only a very short stay in NICU (surely we don't want that) and his lungs are just about fully developed and wouldn't require additional oxygen. He's also around 18 inches long!!!
Maternity clothes?: Yes, and I can't wait to be out of them. I know I'll still be wearing them post-birth for a bit, but at least I'll be able to fit into some of my other tops and slowly work my way back into normal clothes. Basically any clothes are uncomfortable at this point-- aside from Ray's shirts and sweatpants. Yes, I wear his shirts often... but only around the house.
Sleep?: Eh. Yes, I do, and no, it's not wonderful. I think those days are over! Sleeping in has been really difficult to do. But, the great thing is that when I am sleeping, neither my back nor ribs hurt. :)
Best moment of the week?: I really enjoyed having dinner at our friends Derrick & Liz's house along with our other great friends, Kristi, Jim, and Joel. And... Kristi announced she is pregnant with baby #2!
Movements?: I do believe he has moved from down (which was great) to the side (breech) again! I have become wider rather than further out. I used to be able to feel the hiccups in my lower belly, but now I am feeling what seems like his back and head in the center and extending to the left. But, he is surely moving a ton! Sometimes, I think he is physically carrying my organs to different places. Haha! My right rib has been quite sore this entire week. It's as if I have a bruise, but I know it's just the pressure from him pushing up.
Food cravings?: No, but please don't ask how much Halloween candy we had left over and hence have consumed as a result. The Twix, Kit Kat, and Reese's are disappearing at an alarming rate.
Aversions?: No. Not in the least.
What I miss?: Champagne. A friend mentioned it the other day and I wanted a glass. We have a bottle chilling in our fridge from Alison & Nic's visit that I will be consuming post delivery. It will be a Christmas present-- don't worry people... I will have a glass. My hope to breastfeed will not be compromised. Speaking of breastfeeding... man are those breastpumps expensive! Soon I shall invest in one. Soon.
What I'm looking forward to?: Well, I'm not looking forward to my weekly appointments starting this week! I had an appointment last week and they continue every single week until I deliver. I am, however, looking forward to finishing up all the purchases and little things before Baby W. We don't really need anything, but there are some things we're thinking about since our baby class this past weekend (like yellow washcloths designated for "dirty" jobs, baby wipe container, desitin... you know... the small stuff).
Anything else?: Like I said, I've started weekly doctor's appointments! It's becoming very real that next month (or anytime, really), we are going to be parents to a little boy! It's incredibly exciting and is giving us great anxiety all at the same time. We are blessed and can't wait to see what this little guy is like. At my doctor's appointment, I weighed in only .5 pounds more than 2 weeks prior and I am still under the 150 mark. I don't think I'll make it. As for Baby W, there isn't much going on other than adding extra poundage and final touches on organ development. But, in all the literature I've read, he would most likely be fine if born now or anytime after. Holy cow!
This week in history: Black Friday deals turning up early everywhere (we're interested in a couple things this year and plan to actually participate!), Obama in Asia, Daylight savings "fall back" occurred this morning at 2 a.m.-- love that extra hour usually... but when I'm pregnant and can't sleep anyway, it doesn't do much good. Haha.

What's going on this week (with us)?: We've been getting so much done around here. We washed both of our cars today. Mine hadn't been washed at all since we bought it in April and I wanted to touch up a few paint chips before the winter months = rust. We also purchased a few winter items like a snow shovel, ice, an oil space heater, and a firewood holder for our garage. We took our second baby class yesterday at the hospital called "Babycare Plus" that included information about when baby comes home and helpful tips (swaddling, diapering, Happiest Baby on the Block theories, carseat safety, vaccinations, pediatricians/doctors, infant CPR, etc.). It was okay. I heard amazing things about the class and while it was helpful to hear a few things, we didn't need the class. I guess we just felt that since we are first-time parents, we should take classes to educate ourselves despite the amount we've read in books and all over the Internet-- not to mention what we know from common sense and from friends with kids. Baby W does deserve the best, however, so we took the classes. Ray also played volleyball with our friends in the co-ed league (I go as a spectator) and won 2 of 3 games! They have now won more games than lost-- which is great! We had dinner with friends and that was wonderful as usual. It's just so nice having great friends.

Here are the monthly photos to compare:

Here's the Month 8.5 photo:
Here are some nursery photo updates. We bought a new lamp and there's the bird I bought at the thrift store, sanded, stained, and painted. I love it. The lamp was a recommendation on behalf of my friend Alison whose son, Scotty, used the nursery when they visited. It was quite dark and we needed some light in there for middle-of-the-night feedings. This lamp is awesome because the base is a touch-base. You simply touch anywhere on the silver bottom and it turns on. No switches to fumble with and so easy! Considering that we would use this as we're tired, it's easiest to use.

At my shower last week, the ladies provided us with a few things we felt we "needed" like the changing pad and changing pad cover. We also got crib sheets and a bunch of items I have to wash before use. I'm waiting until it gets a bit closer to his arrival to throw in the load so they are nice and fresh.
This photo is to show the monkey. It's from our baby shower and it now has a home. :)
At our Babycare Plus class, we learned infant CPR. In order to do so, we had to blow up our "mini baby" they kept calling it. Ray was lucky enough to have that job. This came just a day after Ray took a two-day course of CPR at his work. He's pretty solid with knowledge.
Mini baby testing out the bassinet. Of course everyone else in the class deflated their mini baby. Oh no, not the Wilsons. 
And... the final pièce de résistance... this onesie. I was home the day UPS dropped this off at our doorstep. It came from a company called FansEdge, but with no information of whom sent it! We're still speculating who sent this our way, but either way, I love the LA pride! Thank you, friends, to those who sent this. I'll call the people I suspect were involved in this mystery present this week.
Overall, great and full week! Here's to the next one and a healthy baby boy growing strong!


Solange, Nik and Caitlin said... [Reply to comment]

you have torpedo belly!!! I voted December 1st since I know you're ready to be done. But, I'm really feeling Dec. 9th for some reason. Either way, I'm thinking early just so you guys can be somewhat okay before Christmas!

Katie Truelove said... [Reply to comment]

The Nursery is looking great:) I'm so glad you guys have most of what you need and it sounds like you're feeling as prepared as possible (not that I'm surprised;)! I can't wait to see a pic of healthy, handsome baby W!