Monday, April 11, 2011

Love-Hate Relationship with My Dentist & Other News

I'm a crazy when it comes to my teeth. I floss every single day, brush at least twice daily, and visit the dentist diligently every six months. Well, today marked that 6-month appointment. For those who go through life-changing events like many of us BLMs out there, these appointments are rough. Not only do I hate getting my teeth cleaned because my teeth are so sensitive, but I also hate the awkward pregnancy/baby talk that ensues. After all, I was very pregnant the last time I walked into that office. And even if they don't remember what I looked like, I have a trusty file that always seems to remind them.

I even remember asking a friend for advice about taking my 4-month old to my dentist appointment. She said to take him and just set him in the corner. And so it was... walked into the dentist office solo this morning.

I managed to get through the x-rays, cleaning and fluoride without any baby talk. Then the doctor walked in to check out the progress on my teeth.

It's pretty much inevitable that I'd have something wrong. I do everything right (sound familiar?), yet there's always something not quite right in the cards. It's always been a joke among my family that I have definitely received the bum deal on teeth. My dad and myself are nuts about keeping our teeth in tip-top shape. And yet we meet with the dentist and they are always asking why we aren't flossing enough and telling us about cavities and other serious dental issues. Seriously? Not flossing enough? I practically own stock in Glide and never miss a day. Even on vacation. Ugh. My husband, or brother walk into the dentist and get praised for their healthy, strong teeth. The dentist always smiles with delight that they care so much for their dental hygiene and floss all the time. Riiiiight. They rarely floss. ::angry fist::

Back to today's appointment. He walks in and begins reviewing my dental file and past x-rays on the computer.  

Dentist: That's right. The last time you were here, you were expecting... How did everything turn out?
Me: Not as good as we hoped, that's for sure.
Dentist: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
Me: Thank you for not being so presumptive like everyone else I seem to encounter.
Dentist: Yeah, that would have been horrible had I asked how your baby was doing. You just never know the circumstances.

That's the love part of our relationship. Thank you Mr. Dentist for not making me feel any more craptastic than I already do about my life.

Then he carries on to tell me that the teeth they've been watching for some time-- you know...the ones I already have fillings in-- may be spreading. Super. Either they are wrong (yeah right), or there may be decay that is spreading between the teeth. More x-rays scheduled for 6 months from now. We'll see about that, Mr. Dentist.

And that would be the hate part.

In other news... I also went to Target, because we also have a love-hate relationship. I bought a bike bell for the bikes we just ordered online yesterday.

Love = they carry everything. Bike bell = $4.99. I wander the aisles amazed that they carry like 5 types of Comet. Yes, cleaning products excite me more than they should. Blame my mom. {love you Mom!}

Hate = every woman with a newborn must have been shopping there around 11 a.m. today. Painful. ::angry fist #2::


LauraJane said... [Reply to comment]

I'm so due for a dentist appointment, but I'm holding off until I'm back to work. The last time I was there I was about 15 weeks pregnant and had to stop early because I vomited just after they finished cleaning (ha!). I avoided going the rest of the pregnancy because of the whole puking thing. I don't want the uber-chipper receptionist to ask me about the baby.. I'll BAWL.

:( Boo to milestones.

SuzyQpon said... [Reply to comment]

I have been following your blog for the last couple of months. I found you on Faces of Loss/Faces of Hope. I lost my little girl 4 years ago this week; 4/14/07. Preterm labor; she was born @ 23 weeks. I have wanted to comment for awhile, your writings are brilliant and so spot on! I give you credit for being smart enough to think through the dentist thing. I lost my daughter just weeks after having been at the dentist; didn't think it through when I went back. Her not being with me was such a KNOWN reality to me; I would forget other people didn't know. Of course, my hygenist asked me how the baby was doing and I just shook my head and cried the entire time she cleaned my teeth in silence. I found out later, she was newly pregnant then too. Ugh. Moments like that just make me feel like, "What? I haven't suffered enough?!"

ASP said... [Reply to comment]

Ah, the dentist. I hate going. My husband seems to be a fan since he's in there every 6 months. Hope there aren't any cavity creeps living in your mouth when you go back in 6 months. Gah.

I started following your blog about a month ago and went back and reread your posts when you were pregnant with Andrew. I'm so incredibly sorry. I know that nothing I, or anyone for that matter, could say to make things better for you. It sucks, is unfair and nobody should ever have to go through such a loss. I miscarried when I was 8.5 weeks pregnant almost 3 years ago and, although I wasn't pregnant very long, I still think about what could have been. Unfortunately, I've never been pregnant again but I do still have hope that *maybe* someday, it'll just happen for us. I'm holding you close to my heart and hoping that you know there are lots of people here standing with you during your healing journey.

I was at Target today with O, our daughter we adopted in December, and I wish there was some sort of scarlet letter for infertility that I could wear, just to show some solidarity for others struggling with infertility, pregnancy loss or anything that is baby related. I remember being in the same boat and hated going places because I couldn't stand seeing the babies or pregnant bellies. It's such a crappy feeling. Even after our adoption, I still feel a tinge of jealousy when I see the bellies. I want to still pump my angry fist. Just know that not all those women with babies took Easy St. to get where they're at.

I'm also making your green peppers you posted last night. I had a heck of time finding the quinoa though. Jewel was all out (it was on sale...go figure). So my neighbor was going to Whole Foods to get groceries, so she picked some up for me. Score! Green peppers tonight! I think what really sold me was the Siracha picture!

That's it. Just wanted to say, "Hey!" and leave you a comment today! Oh, and I also sub (well, on a litle break right now) so I can relate to all your boogery kid stories! ;)

Have a great day! Happy your hubs is home! Bet you can't wait to put that bell on your bike! ;)

Becky said... [Reply to comment]

Ohhhhhh, I forgot about the dentist. My appt isn't for another month and half since I went in last time just a month before Liam died.

Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

Good for you for taking good care of your teeth! I do not floss (for shame!), and I always get a lecture about it cuz my gums bleed horribly. I just can't get in the habit of flossing (again, for shame!)

I broke a crown when we first moved here, so I've only been to that dentist just once. I was also hugely pregnant. I don't wanna go back there, and I need a cleaning so bad and fillings fixed. I think I'll find another dentist.

And, I totally agree with you about Target. Love it, hate it for all the same reasons.

KrystalK said... [Reply to comment]

I have been diligently AVOIDING the dentist for this exact reason. The kiddos have their 6 month coming on the 12th. Last time i was in there i was about to burst :P I hope my dentist is as easy on the convo as yours. My next appmt would be a skipped one from January.....ill have to make that the day i am in there and break the BL ice. I HATE my teeth and i am sure the braces talk will come about at my next appmt. I have stron healthy teeth, but their CROOKED as all get out, sigh. One or the other aeh?

Sneaker Teacher said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Brandy!

Good for your dentist. Seems like he has enough experience with people to frame his questions in a way that doesn't assume and he probably knows to do that from asking it differently and receiving an answer that made him rethink...

I don't know if this is good to share or not, but I saw it posted on another blog I read. She posted because she has had a few miscarriages recently and came across this site and really liked it.

It names many famous women who have suffered through miscarriages or stillbirths...she felt a deep connection with it, maybe you will too??


Robin Maner said... [Reply to comment]

Talk about going to the dentist, huh? Yeah, it's a bit disappointing when you find out that all your dental regimen isn't enough while your siblings who don't even floss and only brush their teeth once a day get the smile from the dentist. But it's also nice to think about how good they are that imagining life without them would be horrible. We wouldn't even know how to take care of our teeth if they aren't around. When they break the news to us that we have a tiny cavity that needs to be filled, it's still a great relief that they can provide treatments.

Elenwillson said... [Reply to comment]

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