Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Something Additional.

I did a blog search for other peeps who allowed themselves to become suckers ordered from The Something Store. Glad my husband is not the only sucker. Just kidding, babe. ;)

This was my favorite comment from someone who ordered. I laughed hysterically.

Well, I got a miniature briefcase that is for business cards. 
 Oh, I also got laughed at by my husband. That was free.

{Okay... the visual of a mini briefcase coming in the mail for someone to hold their business cards in? Imagine someone whipping that out in a business situation. Hysterical.}

.......               .......               .......               .......               .......               .......               .......               .......               .......               .......                      

In other news... I took the plunge and had needles poked into my legs, arms, ears, and forehead! It was fantastic and I will surely be going back for another dose of acupuncture on Saturday. And Tuesday. And again the next week. I really did feel fantastic during/after. He gave me the traditional "stress cocktail" as he put it. I was really hoping for an old Chinese lady poking me with needles, but instead I had a white guy. Shucks. It is the Midwest after all. The table was heated, I was served tea, covered with a blanket, and given a neck adjustment/massage. It felt like he was working through my ridiculous knots in my shoulder. It was blissful. They even played serenity music for me.

Typing that word always makes me think of this:

Of course, then I subbed today with the worst group of first graders I've ever dealt with. I had some pretty bad eighth grade lit students yesterday, too. Looks like that acupuncture is going to come in handy for more than baby loss stress.


Solange, Nik and Caitlin said... [Reply to comment]

You are brave! I have such a huge issue with needles that I don't think I can ever do that.

The mini wallet is RIDICULOUS!!!! :)

Molly said... [Reply to comment]

LMAO at the mini briefcase!

LOVE the Serenity Now episode! Such a classic

e Liz said... [Reply to comment]

I think GH is the perfect man to sport that little number ;) if he still had his college neon, it would be even better!

the accupuncture sounds F A B U L O U S! did you get a package deal or "something" ;) ? :)

Shell said... [Reply to comment]

I am happy to hear that your acupuncture went well. I tried acupuncture two summers ago. Could never really get into. Not sure if it was the person I dealt with or what. I'd try it again but make sure to find a woman to go to.

Keleen said... [Reply to comment]

LOL I wish you could have had an old Chinese lady too! I have been curious about acupuncture so it's good to know that you liked it AND lived to tell about it ;)