Sunday, December 18, 2011

Preparing for Flip

Flip's what we call Andrew's little brother. He's been called that since the very beginning when we saw his very active arms and legs during ultrasounds. He and Andrew both seemed to love their hands near their faces during ultrasounds.

Since I'm not quite ready to reveal the name just yet (TBA January 2012), I'll keep with calling him what we've called him since the beginning. Since he's set to make his appearance in about 10 weeks, we're attempting to get used to the idea. I said attempting. Because what we're feeling is completely foreign and unnatural. With Andrew, we were free as birds. The excitement was easy and the prepwork was a breeze. Now, every purchase or process is considered and researched and re-researched and made with great hesitance.

I spoke about our decision to choose cord blood banking for Flip. We pulled the trigger on that one just about a week ago. Also, I wanted to thank all of you for adding your experiences or explaining the choices you made in choosing whether to (or not) bank the blood. After our purchase, we received a package in the mail.
That was definitely something surprising. I guess that although we cashed out a bunch of money to a cord-banking company, I didn't expect to receive the medical package (for the blood) in the mail via FedEx. It made things feel very real. I'm really going to deliver this baby. He really does exist and he really will be coming out of my body at some point. I'm still struggling with the idea that he'll actually leave the hospital with us alive, but at least I'm to the point where I know he'll be here in a matter of 10ish weeks. We selected the cord blood company we did for a variety of reasons:
  • Chicago-based banking facility - while not necessary, it was nice knowing they were super local. They also have banks in NY, CO, UT, IN, FL, MA, NJ but can store for any state.
  • Same accreditation as Cbr, the highly advertised company I mentioned before
  • Backup generators
  • Done more successful transfers than most cord-blood companies
  • Reasonably priced
We also have purchased things here and there that we changed our minds about from Andrew's pregnancy to now. For example, we originally had a very basic baby monitor. Who needs a baby monitor? Women have been birthing children for thousands of years and without technology! Riiiiight. Scratch that mentality. We needed something more suitable for our needs as over-paranoid parents and chose the AngelCare AC401 Deluxe Sound Monitor. It tracks movement and sound.
We also don't intend on letting this child out of our sight and therefore decided a co-sleeper was the solution. We bought an Arm's Reach Mini Convertible Co-Sleeper, along with some sheets.
We already have a Baby Bjorn Active with the winter cover, but we also now have the Ergo baby carrier with infant insert like this one. The jury is still out about the stars... but I think they're cute. Not sure if Ray would ever want to wear the thing, but I'm pretty sure he'll wear anything once Flip arrives healthy and safe. We're both pretty crazy about the idea of babywearing. I even bought the Ergo teething pads for the handles.
We had a pretty hard time finding a thermometer we liked that didn't get terribly conflicting reviews and decided on this one after all. Again, we were so naive before in thinking that regular thermometers would be suitable for a newborn. No longer will we think that for something as simple as a $35 purchase.
In dreaming again, I've always secretly wanted two items that we didn't buy for Andrew because I didn't think we needed them (again with the minimalist mentality) and I didn't want to spend the cash. One of those items was a high chair. We have a booster seat that I figured would be suitable since we also own the Bumbo.
However, I've always secretly wanted a Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair. Problem is, they go for about $300 with all the bells and whistles. But, the Wilsons are all about a great deal! We happened our way into a local high-end consignment store and found one for... wait for it... $35! It is the walnut color and in nearly perfect condition. It came with the older model insert (which can be replaced), but it's very functional and purchased at such a bargain. I'm convinced the store had no idea they were practically giving the thing away. Even looking on Craigslist, they don't go for anything under $100 used and most are vibrant colors. I've also secretly hated highchairs because they are bulky and full of fabrics and cheap plastics that would just create more for us to clean and make our house look overtaken by bulky kid furniture. This will definitely be a piece we'll keep in the family for a long time and it even came with the manual! And even better, it's been made the same way for about 40 years! It's a classic and very European-- as it is a Norwegian brand, after all. Yes, $35. I know. And of course we took every single piece apart and washed/sterilized it. All set to go for when we have a 6-month old. I. cannot. wait.
There's one last piece that I think I'll be holding out for a long time. Our stroller is nothing fancy. I was very specific about the carseat we chose, but I didn't care for the stroller. I was also overwhelmed by the prices and options that accompany such a purchase. I was more concerned with painting walls and getting that nursery in shape. Well, it's in shape and ready and been vacant for 21 months of waiting for baby at this point. But dreams are out there for one of these Bumbleride Indie strollers. Except, I already have two strollers and a snap-n-go that are plenty. I've told myself that instead of buying a single, I should just wait until baby #3 rolls around (2013 anyone?) and buy the double in this lovely number. I know, let's just get at least one live baby here before I purchase another stroller. Hah.
Who knows. I'll probably have a new love interest by then. That's a long time and quite a bit of gestating away... and that's only if our luck stops sucking as bad as it has. : /
We're just about out of things to buy for Flip that we feel are necessary. In the beginning I couldn't see us buying anything until I was literally in the delivery room-- but then I realized I needed something to distract me and what better to distract me then researching random items that will sit in a room and wait! Hah. It's only a little pathetic, I hope. There's always clothes to buy... but he has quite a bit, as is! We've purchased things randomly from BabyGap and Carter's, but only if there was a crazy sale or I had some awesome coupon (like today for example when I purchased two pair of socks, a onesie, and a bib for $2.34 from BabyGap). There's also this sweatshirt we needed to have so Flip can take after his Dad and play lacrosse.
Time is c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g and we're getting impatient. The nursery still looks like a tornado took a bunch of unused baby products and threw them all around, but we aren't at the place where we're ready to sift through and organize just yet. We'll see when I'm ready for that-- probably not until I have a clear induction date to set my sights on. We need more distractions and for these weeks to speed by like a bullet. This is definitely the hardest time since the initial weeks-- and even then I was in such denial (without the kicks) that it was easier to let go. I've never been more anxious in my life knowing he's viable, over 2 pounds (!) and likely able to sustain life outside of the womb. Of course he belongs inside the womb for longer, but I'd like to be put into a bubble until then. How did you other women (BLMs) do it? Because, wow.  


Kristin said... [Reply to comment]

we're doing the same monitor and cosleeper! :) Oh, and I have NO idea how anyone does this--I am a nervous wreck!

Jill said... [Reply to comment]

love the items you have purchased! Cant believe in almost 10 weeks he will be here! and cant wait for name either!

LauraJane said... [Reply to comment]

You've got me thinking about the high chair situation. We have one, in the pattern we love (the carter's bumble), but that one's so purdy. :)

I have been browsing BabyGap & Old Navy, along with GiltGroup and Zulily for girl things since Friday's gender reveal. I gotta say, I always thought girl things were sweeter (dresses/sequins/"I love daddy" things, but right now it seems like the boy stuff is in it for the win. ha.

Ps. If my baby girl is anything like her mother, you definitely need to enroll Flip in hockey, too... :)

Amelia said... [Reply to comment]

I missed commenting on the cord blood post b/c of my lack of internet, but I figured out how to comment with my phone so I will now if you don't mind. I desperately wanted to with G but we just couldn't afford it. If we got to a place where we could I absolutely would. We had an angel care with G and I ADORED that thing. It may have been the only reason I slept. We just bought that thermometer so I can't review it yet. The ear ones are completely inaccurate with G and the only one that was honest was the rectal one. But she's really too old for that now if something else will work so fingers crossed.

Ben and Katie said... [Reply to comment]

I would skimp on some baby things and have my babes wear the same outfits over and over just to invest in an amazing monitor like that! Yeah my mom had 7 kids and never had a monitor but I surely will...and it will be grand like yours for flip! :)
10 weeks! I remember when you first told me...and now look where you are! Wish we were closer so we could meet up and speed up time and pretend were in Germany drinking beer...well I will drink!
Did you ever have that german beer that you serve warm?? I've had it once but cannot remember name...I know, random question!
Think of you often!! Blessings!

Hope's Mama said... [Reply to comment]

I still have no idea how I did it! So I send you love and luck, by the bucketload. It is so, SO hard. But you're doing a brilliant job.

Natasha said... [Reply to comment]

We have a lot of the same things for Mason that you guys got- and we purchased most of it towards the end of my pregnacy as I didn't have them with Aiden. The AngelCare monitor was the first on my list- we got the silver one- and Mason is wiggling around in his Co Sleeper right now.

The last few weeks of pregnancy with Mason were so very hard. I had constant fear because when you lose a chid at almost 37 weeks there is no "safe" zone in your mind. I just tried to take it one day at a time. My twice a week visits helped a lot.

Praying for you guys as you go through these last 10 weeks and praying for a healthy baby and safe delivery.

Tiffany said... [Reply to comment]

how does anyone do it? i have no earthly idea. i'm still trying to figure it out myself. we have that same cosleeper (we got it for Julius). of course he hated being even that far away. but we plan to use it this time too. and we bought that exact same ergo. Julius LOVED it. he just loved being close and carried. he was always content in it. and always fell asleep. i didn't think D would wear it, but he did. we ended up with the snuza monitor for this one instead of the angel care. though i heard both were really great.

btw, can you tell me what company you guys chose for the cord blood banking. we really need to get on making that selection.

Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

I am SO jealous of your high chair! What a consignment steal. That's awesome.

Time is crawling here, too. I'm glad you're finding little projects to keep you busy. I always say my favorite "projects" involve online shopping.

Sending love to Flip.

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

As a fellow blm who will spend any amount of money to keep LO safe I just want to recommend the snuza to you as well. Its a breathing monitor that can be worn at all times. I've learned that sometimes newborns dont want to sleep where you want them too. We have the angelcare in Alexa's crib but she mostly wants to sleep in her rock n play. I feel better letting her sleep there with the snuza.

10 weeks! I hope it flies by for you.

Becky said... [Reply to comment]

Love everything!
I love ergo baby carriers, just bought one a few weeks ago in desert color. I am very paranoid these days so I will be purchasing a higher end baby monitor also. And that highchair is awesome. I was just going to use a bumbo, but now you got me thinking.

zooblflot said... [Reply to comment]

We have the same Angelcare monitor and I wouldn't have slept at all the last 3 1/2 months without it. We even took it on our 'sleep over' at the hospital before Kaia came home from the NICU. The whole point of doing the 'stay over' when your baby is coming home from the NICU is to get comfortable without them being hooked up to monitors... HA!!! NO WAY!!!! I think the nurses thought we were crazy but they've probably never been DBMs. Just make sure any sleeping surface you plan to put your little munchkin on has a flat solid bottom under the mattress. If it is a surface with slats then the flat monitor sensor might not work.
Also I LOVE your high chair. With Kaia going into a cast in a few weeks we might need something exactly like that as it has a wide enough opening for her legs which will be casted in 'frog' position.
All in all, I say you're looking good!

Emily said... [Reply to comment]

Whoops. The above comment is by me, however I was signed in under my husband's blogger account. Sorry.

Solange, Nik and Caitlin said... [Reply to comment]

Can't believe he'll be here in 10 weeks!!! Yay! So excited for you guys!
Awesome steal with the highchair! I love all your purchases. We used the Armsreach with Caity too-it made Nik feel better :)

Danielle said... [Reply to comment]

Dear Paranoid Mommy,
My name is Super Paranoid Mommy and I purchased the AngelCare monitor for N :) I LOVE IT!! rolling over at night and seeing the little ball swing back and forth that lets me know his lungs are full and his heart is strong is so amazing. I can't wait for the day when you join me in Paranoia Land ;) love you!

J. said... [Reply to comment]

How interesting that we have very similar taste in baby items :-) I love our Keekaroo high chair, Micralite Toro, and Didymous wrap. Our DD's crib was next to our bed until she was 10 months old - makes breastfeeding and returning to sleep easy!

You've got me interested in learning more about cord blood banking. I'm in favor of waiting until the cord finishes pulsing before clamping, to avoid the VitK shot (we declined all bathing, shots, and eye ointment to benefit better breastfeeding, etc) and to boost DD's health. How much blood is needed? Can some be retrieved from the placenta?
Healthy Home Economist
Childbirth With Love
Midwife Info

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

Congrats on the purchases. I found that while scary as hell, it did help me get excited about everything which is certainly what a pregnant woman, especially one in your shoes, deserves! We had a run of the mill monitor before and also got an AngelCare one. I have gotten a false alarm, but I think it is worth the comfort it gives me the other 99% of the time. I love watching Finn and knowing he is ok. I'm so happy to see all your purchases for sweet little Flip - cute nickname by the way - can't wait to see HIM!

Samiya said... [Reply to comment]

Good job not getting a high chair! We bought one and our lil' one has rarely sat in it. I discovered that booster seat thing just about 6 months ago and felt like I wasted my money on that high chair! The Angel Care monitor is the best! I didn't read all the comments, but make sure you put a piece of thin wood board underneath it, then the sensor pad then the mattress. Can't wait to find out Flip's name!

brianna said... [Reply to comment]

You're getting so close! Hang in there!