Thursday, April 19, 2012

Operation Cut the Crap. Again.

Saw this card in a cute French store in Savannah.
Yeah no, probably just fat. That's what a bebe (or two) will do to a body. Especially a 30-year (almost) old body. So here we go again... trying to slim down so I can fit into my stinking pants. Currently, this is my plan:

Breastfeed. No news there. It's supposed to just "shed those pounds away" and all that jazz. Well, I still don't fit into those Gap jeans, you guys. I know, it's not been that long. Just chill, right? It's been 8 weeks and there's still a very incredible muffin top just waiting to depress me whenever I try to put those bad boys on. Luckily, I can at least zip them up. I'm about pass out, but anyway.

Box up those maternity clothes. I took of my maternity clothes and put them in the guest closet last night. They are no longer being used/worn/seen in my closet. I refuse to wear them. Which means I'm wearing fat jeans, leggings, yoga pants, skirts, cargo pants with stretchy waist, etc. It forces me to face the reality and find something in my wardrobe to wear.

Run 2x/week. I'd really love to get back into Zumba, but we're already pressed for family time as it is and I absolutely refuse to drop my little kidlet off with the random YMCA nursery. I can't even handle the thought of all those germies. Plus, I've done my reading and I surely don't want intense workouts to dry up my milk supply I worked hard to establish. I know 2 runs a week isn't much, but I can only really do so on the weekends when Ray is home. I just hate going when he gets home because by the time we both get a run in and dinner, it's just about shower and bedtime. That leaves very little socialization time and time for us as a family. I'd take B with me, but he's a bit too small for the jogger and I don't have a seat adapter. He's only a couple months away from that possibility, so I'm not investing in one now. Speaking of strollers, here's our lineup. Let me first preface things with the whole thought that I'm a little cheap. I don't want to buy the most expensive strollers for one child when I know we'll need to buy a double at some point. So for now, here's what we've got for just one kid:

Graco Snugrider Snap Stroller - super light, super easy and super convenient. Paid $25 at the local consignment store and I've put tons of miles on this already and traveled to Savannah with it. NOT jogging material. Brisk walks, sure. Jogging, no.

Britax B-Agile. Amazon purchase for $200 and that's about as expensive as I'm willing to go with one kiddo. It's light, folds up compact, but it's not really jogging material. Again, brisk walking. This will come in handy as our everyday stroller when B is sitting with better head control.

Baby Trend Expedition LX. It's the jogger we have right now. We paid about $45 on Craigslist. B is too small for it still and I refuse to invest in a adapter when he'll be big enough before we know it.

Now, when we have another kid, we'll invest in a much better double/jogger and the adapter for the carseat. This is my pick for when that time comes (not necessarily that color):

BOB double -- yes, I know most of you are super cool and already own this. I'm a little jealous but can't bring myself to buy a single BOB and a double BOB. I do want my children to go to college. ;) And truth be told, my dream double is the Bumbleride Indie Double. Now that's lovely... and a freaking down payment on a house. Hah.

Cutting out sugar. I've decided to take a sweet break. Last year I did this in the spring and worked out like a madwoman. It was incredible and I dropped the pregnancy weight stat-- but what wasn't incredible was the reason I wanted to lose it so stinking quick. This time, I'm just cutting out sweets for a month. We'll see if it lasts longer. I'm on day 6. And don't get me started on the Reese's Eggs I picked up on after Easter clearance at Target for $.09. They're stashed away.

Brisk walks for at least 30min/day. I've been walking pretty regularly with B because it gives us something to do, gets us out in fresh air, allows for some exercise, and it's a good 30 minutes of not having to walk around the house rocking him so he won't cry. He's a little sensitive lately and wants to be moving constantly. As long as I'm keeping up my heart rate, I'm pleased. It gives me 30+ minutes of heart rate elevation a day and without exercising any other way each day, it's all I've got. I'd love to use exercise videos or even the Wii to motivate me, but B is seriously clingy right now and cannot be put down for longer than 10 minutes. It's impossible to get a workout in. I went for a nice walk in the forest preserve with a friend yesterday and took B in the Ergo. It's not as easy as stroller walking, but I was walking fast enough to feel it-- shows just how out of shape I am. I wouldn't do anything more than walking (and even then had to hold Ray's hand because I was afraid to trip) with B's pregnancy and I can tell.

And with that, I'll leave you with my final motivation:



boo and stacy said... [Reply to comment]

Love the ewe picture to kick off the fatty patty chat.....

Love me the Ergo!!!! I bet ewe looks great!!

Molly said... [Reply to comment]

I can't wait to start trimming my fat! Unfortunately, I will have more than a muffin top to deal with after all of this bed rest/pigging out.

Darcey said... [Reply to comment]

Brandy- I have the baby trend single jogger (mine is 6 years old) and the double BOB. I can run with Layton in his infant carrier and did when he was 8 weeks old. If you lay the seat all the way back it fits perfectly resting on the tray ( and I have the giant graco 35 that weighs a ton). IT is nice because I can run looking at him and make sure the sun isn't blaring in on him because the shade rotates all the way down.

For my BOB I just roll up a receiving blanket and lay the seat back and use that to help with neck control. I know your little guy is smaller than Layton, but it may be an idea that you could try if you get impatient because that is exactly what happened to me!

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

Good motivation. What a charmer!

I need to cut sweets out of my diet too. I'm addicted! It's pathetic. I'm like a 12 year old.

The stroller thing is a pain - We have the travel system that came with the car seat (I want to sell it though as we don't use it anymore), the BOB, and now an umbrella stroller. Hopefully one day I'll need a double. . . wish I needed one now. . . sigh

LauraJane said... [Reply to comment]

:) so cute.

Good luck with the exercise! I can't wait to get this baby out, smooch her, and wear her around the block... Add the schmanczy stroller walks and I'll be in heaven. :)

I have the Xbox version of the wii (ahem, still in the box) and am am hoping to do some stuff when/if Gracie ever naps. Im dreaming, aren't I? :)

Amelia said... [Reply to comment]

It sounds like you're doing all you can and that's awesome!! I just want to say, be as gentle as you can with yourself, (mentally) you took 9 months to put this weight on. :))

Olaina said... [Reply to comment]

Ummm. I kinda can't believe you own THREE strollers! That said, you have good ones. We made the mistake of buying a Graco travel system before Ella was born. I wish we had just gotten the Snap-n-Go. I ended up buying a BOB on Craigslist and have never regretted it.

Also, geesh. Working out? I still need to get started on that, and Ella will be two in a month. :)

Solange, Nik and Caitlin said... [Reply to comment]

Great job B! I'm still trying to keep up my work out routine before I completely lose all my motivation for it. I'm hoping all this will help me drop the baby weight quickly post delivery :)
What did you do to increase your milk supply? Mine was LAME with Caity so I'll try anything.
Good luck with the plan!!!

katie illingworth said... [Reply to comment]

Amen to all of it. I weigh roughly 65 lbs more than my pre-pregnancy weight. I feel it in my joints and breathing especially. I was in such good shape before and just like you, I refuse to do anything more than walk with little guy.

Love the pic of B. So precious.

Dianna said... [Reply to comment]

Love the stroller review! B is too sweet!

Check out my blog for a chance to win him a cute personalized dinosaur onesie/shirt!

J. said... [Reply to comment]

Don't worry too much, your plan of action will have you in regular clothes faster than you think! We may fit into pre-pregnancy pants, but breastfeeding means changing how tight shirts fit, too.

Walking with baby in a carrier means you're toting extra pounds (10+) and strengthening your core as well - something that exercise with a stroller will not do. Just be careful about losing too much body fat too fast (especially if B's poop turns greenish or bubbly; it means not enough fat in the breast milk). Mom losing too much too fast could also make for a sleepless, frequently nursing baby...

Becky said... [Reply to comment]

I hear ya! I can't wait to get my baby girl out in her chariot and if its rainy or nasty out I was thinking baby bicep curls and squats will work. The more she grows the more I am lifting, right?