Friday, June 29, 2012

Mystery Shopper

My fashionable and design-forward friend, Alli, started a fun shopping post on her blog called Mystery Shopper. She went shopping at a store and showed items she saw at the store without releasing the name of the place she was shopping at until the end. And of course it was surprising. While I'm not attempting to create such a series myself, I did take a load of photos out shopping recently of fun items at a reasonable price. And the place isn't all that surprising. Sometimes I just go anywhere to get out of the house with B. And most of the time he's a decent shopper because he likes to be entertained and look around at things. Unless he's hungry and then... sound the alarms... we've got a screamer.
Yay, let's go shopping!
I really love these. A little modern, a little traditional.
Any ideas? I can only think of a bathroom.
This thing was also very cool... but where would it go?
Hang jewelry? Other things?
Let the meltdown begin!
This was quite unique. I love re-purposing the outside, inside. {Notice, the photos continue, just taken at a more rapid pace as a meltdown is being delayed by way of Wubbanub. Thank you, overpriced pacifier-animal. And thank you, Alison, for purchasing it.}
What would you do with this?
This one probably gives it away. I'm loving both the chair and the blue hutch-thing.

So did you guess? HomeGoods. But I don't think anyone was surprised. Like I said... not going to be a regular type of post, but I couldn't resist with all the cute photos and neat home decor items.


Melissa @ A Dozen Years Later said... [Reply to comment]

I saw the first pic of the lamp and knew it was Home Goods... I love that store. Your little shopping partner is super cute.

Ben and Katie said... [Reply to comment]

When Ben was in the hospital in Cali they had a home goods but I couldn't buy anything because I didn't want to ship it home! We don't have one here and it makes my grumpy! Although it prob helps the budget. Watch our Ben for when we buy a house! :)
If you are ever looking to go somewhere it is nice and cool here!

Molly said... [Reply to comment]

We just got a home goods but I have yet to visit... Can't wait tho!! Loooooooove us some wubbanubs!

Renel said... [Reply to comment]

Our little cabinet for our meditation room is from home goods. Oh and the candles are super cheap!

AlliFerg said... [Reply to comment]

B looks so cute in the first photo, like he is so excited to be shopping at Home Goods.

It's so funny. The Home Goods I bought the table at, had zero of these items! I really, really love the lamps. They'd look great in your house :)