Sunday, January 13, 2013

Benjamin's Latest Moves

This boy will be one next month. Icannotbelieveit.

We're currently in the planning stage of a first birthday party (and baptism!) and my heart skips a beat just typing that. I'm so elated to be planning a celebratory party for one of my sons. My goodness gracious, hooray. I'll post all the little details of the B-man's party when I get around to it. I also owe you all a basement remodel post, but I can't take photos right now because we just started The Shred yesterday (um, ouch) and our basement has yoga mats strewn and a television and DVD played propped on the ping pong table and I don't feel like moving it all for fancy pictures. To come... sometime in 2013. Hah.

Videos of B? Okay, sure. 

1. This one is of B crawling over and then pulling up on a very wobbly piece of play equipment. We still have it out because B likes to crawl over and suck on play with the hanging toys. He sits down quickly after standing, but he's been known to stand for awhile. And sometimes... sometimes he just falls when he tries. This one was a success. I measure those by no tears. 

2. B is not a good transfer kid. I was talking with my friend Kristi about this the other day, describing that if B falls asleep on the way home before a nap, he'll be wide awake when we get home and impossible to get back to sleep. In order to avoid this, I often sit in the back seat and distract, feed him puffs, sing, giggle... whatever. The goal is to get him home awake. This translates to this video because B fell asleep on a walk recently and I tried so hard to keep him awake by handing him a stick full grown tree to hold to keep him distracted and entertained. Didn't work. He fell asleep holding a stick.

3. Requested video from my Instagram friends, but B wasn't clapping when I captured it. He did clap, though. He did eat about 30 noodles in a matter of 5 minutes. It was insane. We're reaching a new level of feeding issues. He will almost only allow for feeding himself and I have to use major trickery to get food into his mouth via spoon that he'll allow to stay in his mouth after the spoon is removed. He's had pasta many times before, but this was spinach fusilli and he just loved it. 

4. Stairs. As soon as he started crawling proficiently past the army stage, he was on the move straight up the stairs. He now crawls while Skyping with both sets of grandparents and anytime he breaks through the double doors to our family room. He's sneaky and knows it. He'll climb really fast away from you. This one is a slower crawl behind him, but still fun to see his mad skills.


Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

I get equally excited about pasta, but I love that he smoothly goes in to grab it and then quickly puts it in his mouth as fast as he can!

How he is about to be a toddler is just crazy.

Shell said... [Reply to comment]

Cute! I can't believe he is one year almost! Check out my blog, I'm doing a giveaway!

LauraJane said... [Reply to comment]

I can't believe the skills he has mastered that Grace hasn't- what a few months can do, huh?

I lol'd at the tree/branch- so funny!

Ben and Katie said... [Reply to comment]

Haha! Quite voiceterous with that pasta!! Could he possibly be storing some in those cheeks?! Too cute!!

Suzanne said... [Reply to comment]

Sweetness, sweetness, sweetness. And I can only imagine the bliss and the excitement of planning a birthday party to celebrate his little life!