Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book Review: Here I Go Again

Wow. Here I Go Again was not what I expected. It's clear Jen Lancaster has enough wit and hilarity to keep her audience laughing... and laughing I did. I expected the book to be more mature considering the age of the main character in her late 30's, but I was mildly surprised by her character flaws that reminded me of an adult version of Mean Girls.

I nearly got sweaty palms reading about her high school experiences and those whose lives were ruined by her snarky comments. I felt a little like some of those characters and it brought me back to middle school when I left school crying because girls. are. mean. In some ways, Jen Lancaster knew this and I was vindicated by the transformation in the lead character as the story progressed. She brings amusement with her incredible pop-culture wit that even had me brushing up on my latest (and past) pop stars and shorthand for phrases tweens use everyday. KWIM?

Definitely a light read and funny at that. While not my typical chosen genre, it did give me something to laugh about after my not-so-fun Shred workout for the last couple weeks each night before bed. I'm not sure it challenged the brain cells much, but it definitely left me chuckling and desperately wanting to know how it all pans out for the snarky teenager, I mean, full grown woman. Good poolside read for sure.

I received a free book and was compensated for this BlogHer Club book review, but all opinions expressed are my own. If you'd like to check out discussions on BlogHer about the book, go here. I'll be discussing there. 


Renel said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds fun. And don't judge a woman by her age. Can't you tell how mature I am from our instagram interactions :)