Thursday, October 10, 2013

A list of 31 for a 31st Birthday

1. Not sure why, but 31 feels so odd. Well, it is odd from a math standpoint, but in other ways. Like 30 was fancy because it was a new decade and 31 is just... boring.
2. Cannot believe I turned 21 TEN years ago.
3. My favorite part of my birthday month is not presents or actually turning another year older, but the emailed freebies from all my favorite places.
4. So far, I've redeemed freebies for $10 at World Mar.ket, $20 at Planet.Shoes where I scored $.20 socks shipped, a Jersey's sub with drink, a Whic.h Wich sandwich, scoop of Baski.n Robbins chocolate peanut butter swirl ice cream, and bowl at & Co.
5. Today we hit up storytime at the library where Benjamin lost his mind when he had to leave the felt birdie on the felt board after his turn during Brown Bear, Brown Bear which led to us walking out of storytime. Then he spotted the elevator button and caused lots of ruckus before we finally left without his shoes on and me only half checking out our books by accident.
6. After storytime, we got Jerse.y Mike's to-go, had a car picnic in the Post Office parking lot (B's FAVORITE), mailed a package and went next door for a freebie ice cream.
7. We returned home for B's nap and FedEx delivered a package.
8. The package? Our iPad I left at the J.W in Palm Desert, CA over the weekend.
9. Talk about customer service when they shipped it to us for free!
10. We flew back from CA to IL on Sunday. It was definitely one of those days where there were lots of little things that continued to go wrong. Luckily, nothing big went wrong. Except maybe missing In-N-Out and having to settle on El Poll.o Loco instead. Acceptable tradeoff, but still missing my chocolate shake.
11. I successfully ate my way through California once again.
12. I've never dieted in my life, but I might have to start if I continue to eat like that while on visits back to the motherland.
13. We spent lots of good time with my parents and got to feed a giraffe while we were there. A real one! With real food! And tongues like a foot long!
14. I'll be posting about that trip and my mom's visit in September whenever I stop being such a lazy blogger.
15. Really it's Benjamin's fault. He needs to take 5-hour naps and maybe I'll get something done.
16. Okay, he can't take 5-hour naps, otherwise he wouldn't sleep at night.
17. When he wakes, we're going to a new park they just built about 2 miles down the road. I love visiting new parks because I get bored of the same ones we visit daily.
18. The leaves on trees here are going... going... it might be a raking weekend in the 'burbs.
19. I really need brown waste in my composter. Like yesterday. Hello fall leaves.
20. We're thinking about hitting up one of the many fall fests this weekend, too. B is going to flip over the bounce house. The kid loves him some bounce house time.
21. Speaking of fall and traditions, I really need to get on the ball about B's Halloween costume.
22. I literally Googled "costumes that don't have anything on the head" because B will not subscribe to any of that nonsense. I came up with a few, but have settled on a sort of boring but probably adorable (if I can get my act together), scarecrow. Sans hat. I'm thinking of making his hair all scraggly. What's new, right? Hah.
23. I've been getting a little flack for not cutting B's hair. Not gonna lie... he did have a mini rat tail when he was in the swimming pool on Sunday.
24. Back on the Halloween costume, the main reason I've been dragging my feet is because I have to actually get Benjamin to try on the two pairs of overalls he owns to see which one still fits. He acts like I am asking him to walk over hot coals when it comes to changing time.
25. And I might be a little sad to cut up one of his old flannel shirts to sew onto the overalls for scarecrow flair.
26. And also, I'm not really crafty and really don't look forward to such things.
27. Reason #436, I wish my parents were more local. My mom sews and actually enjoys it.
28. Benjamin will be a scarecrow and we'll be... whatever. As long as I get my $3 "boorito" at Chipot.le that day for dressing up as something, I don't care what I'm wearing.
29. This will be B's first year actually going door-to-door (to like 3 neighbors, probably). I bought him a pumpkin Halloween pail to drag around. Place your bets now... will he have a meltdown or think it's fun?
30. We usually pass out candy (of which I already bought at Target for a great price!) and then head out around dark for dinner at Chipot.le. Our neighborhood starts trick-or-treating at 3:00, and after dark, it's only the older kids who I don't enjoy giving candy to anyway.
31. For my 31st b-day, my husband surprised me with a cute hoodie sweatshirt and left me a glass of fresh-squeezed OJ he made me with my new Kitche.nAid juicer attachment. Like many of my friend's on IG said this morning, it's totally a Brandy gift. Yep. And just as I type this 31st item, I hear the little person awaking from his slumber...someone tell him he's supposed to nap until 4:00 on mom's birthday.
Drank half before taking the photo...couldn't help it!


Veronica said... [Reply to comment]

Happy birthday!
Love the list
Love the read
31 is not old... But did 21 get s far away?!?!

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

Finn also loves the post office parking lot because "mail truck! Mail truck" oh how I wish we could join you for picnics!

You done good on dem birfday freebies! I wrote your birthday on my calendar this year! So I KNEW today was your big day. Maybe next year you'll actually get a card. Ha. Don't bank on it.

Hope 31 is legit.

Ben and Katie said... [Reply to comment]

Yeah you got a HB on ig but why not on here too! You do awesome on those freebies!! Maybe you should come collect mine because I never take advantage of them. Just hit me today that its my lil bros 31st bday and bens lil bro 31st bday! Lots of babes on the 10th!

Emily said... [Reply to comment]

I turn 31 tomorrow and you're right that it feels really strange to think that I turned 21 ten years ago!!! (although that age means little in Canada since we can drink at 19, or 18 if you live in Quebec!)

Hope it's a fabulous day!

P.S. I too have to come up with a costume that resembles something Kaia wears on a daily basis, because there is NO FREAKING WAY she is going to wear anything that itches, involves a hat or hood, or requires her to have paint on her face. SO BORING! Damn toddlers being so difficult all the time and ruining mommy's fun. ;-)

Jessica said... [Reply to comment]

Happy birthday!!! 31 did feel anti-climatic after 30...and being closer than I care to admit to the next new decade of my existence, my early 30s were pretty nice. Enjoy!!!

Amelia said... [Reply to comment]

Happy birthday!
Your library has an ELEVATOR?! Ours has 1 room. A very small room. *sigh*
On the way to feeding giraffes at marine world G informed her uncle their tongues are black to protect them from sun when they eat. When the person in charge of the feeding time asked if the crowd knew that and my BiL said G had JUST told him that he was met with looks of distrust. But I can affirm our YouTube viewings prove she did know that.

Laura McCannell said... [Reply to comment]

When you said your compostered needed brown waste, for a hot second, I was like... "WTF kind of composter is this!?!" <-- then I realized you meant leaves. Dear GAWD.

I love baby rat tails. If I ever have another son, I plan for him to grow hockey hair like that hunk Owen in Cali. ;)

31 is crazy. Something about being closer to 40 (!) than 20 (!) blows my mind.

I love free things. Wish we had some more here.

Kelsie said... [Reply to comment]

B should totally go as Charlie Brown. just need a yellow polo and a sharpie... He's got the bald head thing goin on! :)