Friday, October 25, 2013

Broke & Yuck

Two of Benjamin’s favorite words right now are broke and yuck. He intentionally chooses to break things just so he can say the word broke.

I bet you can imagine just how fun that it is for us. I recently posted on IG that I bought Benjamin some of those Halloween window clings from the Target dollar spot. I broke them out after naptime that day and He was smitten. The skeleton heads and spiders all took a ride in his hand-me-down blue truck from his Dad’s childhood toys. He loves that truck. He also loves the word truck and says it loudly and excitedly when playing with one of his trucks.
Once they were done taking a ride in the truck, I found the window clings on many different windows over the course of a few days. He moved them, toted them, and took them for rides.

The mail arrived one day last week and his CA grandparents sent him a Halloween package with his first magazine subscription (so advanced!) to Highlights and a few fun Halloween items. One being more window clings. This time, pumpkins. I opened the package and gave them to him right away.
Within a minute, he pulled the face apart on one of them, brought it to me and told me it was broke. I don’t think he meant to, but now he learned that he could and was determined to make sure the others were put to the same quality tests. One-by-one, each pumpkin gel cling earned its death sentence. I stuck them up high on the glass sliding doors on ones that weren't too far gone. Each day he points and tells me they are broke, like he has no idea how that happened. Just like the books he manages to ruin on a regular basis. He calls those broke, too.

Another favorite word? Yuck. Usually pronounced uck.
I’ll randomly catch him pulling out the garbage drawer in our kitchen, proclaiming something is yuck and then dropping it into the trash. We’ve had a variety of things found in the trashcan recently: Sharpie markers, food he didn’t want, plastic teacups from his play kitchen and random containers for Playdough and other toys.

This kid.

p.s. Who knew so many of you would purchase a second crib (and who knew so few of you cared about the tree in the middle of our deck. Hah! I get it, I'm no DIY blogger...taking the hint)! I'd say 75% commented on my last post that you'd buy an additional crib. You people love your sleep. I recently lost understanding of what sleep is like because pregnancy insomnia has struck once again...dum...dum...dum. Will keep you posted on our progress/decisions!


Mihaela said... [Reply to comment]

Yuck is a favorite here too, followed by no and mine. Thankfully he hasn't learned broke yet.

Danielle said... [Reply to comment]

you blogged about your tree in the middle of your deck? ;)

Amelia said... [Reply to comment]

Uuuummmm I'm more of an inside person. I want to see all of your house, and every detail you've done to make it that way. The outside? Totally indifferent. ;) I'm the same way about my own property if it makes you feel any better.

G was in love with the gel things last year, I was not as pleased with them. This year we have plastic clings that aren't nearly as messy, vast improvement in my opinion.

I was wondering if Highlights was still around! And my second favorite; Ranger Rick. I'll have to look into that.

Good luck sorting through your garbage, hopefully he continues these practices after he figures out what actually should be thrown away. :)

Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

I love that Benjamin has a Highlights subscription.

My mom likes to tell this story about me discovering an earthworm and carrying it around everywhere and then coming to her saying, "Uh-oh, worm broke" with the worm in two pieces. Toddlers are excellent at (sort of) using the passive voice to displace blame.

Party of Three Heads said... [Reply to comment]

Funny!! (about Benjamin's broke & uck.. and about the comments you received/didn't receive) :)