Monday, November 4, 2013

Maryland Grandparents Visit Chicago

Benjamin has seen so much grandparent love this past month. Lucky boy! Good thing, because when he opens the family photo album I made him of all the people who love him, he always stops at the pages with both his grandmas and does a little whiney grunt like where are they? It's adorably pathetic and totally sad. Benjamin wishes his grandparents were closer, too.

But, he is quite a lucky boy to see them as frequently as he does! Benjamin's Maryland grandparents were here for a long weekend and we not only got another date night without the bambino (praise JESUS and thank you Thai restaurant for some of the best Thai we've ever had!), but Benjamin got lots of quality time pulling his grandparents wherever he wanted all weekend long. Kid heaven.

We visited Fermilab out in Batavia, IL and an awesome pumpkin patch where we pet lots of animals, ate lots of delicious fried delicacies like cider and pumpkin donuts and funnel cake, went for B's third hayride on a "kuck" which is really a tractor (he loves them) and picked pumpkins that we later carved and made pumpkin seeds from. We also suited Benjamin up in his scarecrow costume for the first (of three) times for our church's trunk'n'treat and pumpkin drop where Benjamin (and his grandpa) scored some treats and checked out some cool decorated trunks.

At Abbey Farms. This child loves petting zoos and anything he can hang from.
At Fermilab and back at home carving pumpkins. His face says it all-- he was not sticking his hand in the gooey pumpkin and happily directed us to put the contents in a bowl. This kiddo is not a fan of getting his hands covered in anything.
More photos from the Farm. They had old Radio Flyers and Benjamin enjoyed being toted around in them.
A mix of park pictures and the trunk'n'treat. More hanging from things-- these ziplines are a serious favorite.
Our adorable scarecrow, his grandparents, and our friend's daughter in that last photo. She's part of a train that her brother chose and designed.
And here are photos of the seeds we made (soy sauce/olive oil & butter/cinnamon/sugar) and the pumpkins Benjamin's grandpa and dad carved out for him! He also discovered the treats Mom pulled out for the trick-or-treaters when he woke from his nap on Halloween and promptly figured a way to get himself one of those "deets" and repeated the word for HOURS. He was sad when the trick-or-treaters knocked on the door and then promptly left. He loves people and doesn't like it when people go "bye-bye".
...and with that... Halloween is complete. Now what to do with those two rotting pumpkins on our doorstep...


Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

I love his face in the pumpkin carving picture! I feel exactly the same way.

Addi's mom said... [Reply to comment]

Love the pictures, although I feel a little robbed that more of them were not shown first on IG...why you holding out on us B?!? ;)

As far as the pumpkins go, I say compost those bitches!

Amelia said... [Reply to comment]

Aww, I can just picture him being sad all his potential friends just up and leaving so quickly. He is so adorable!!

Laura Jane said... [Reply to comment]

He is just such a little joy. I love that he was devastated by the kids leaving just after they arrived. ha. :)

He's the cutest. And I love him.

As for the rotting pumpkins? Neighbourhood kids took care of ours by smashing them on the road outside of our house. They got the whole neighbourhood, and yet I was still kinda sad. lol