Monday, August 25, 2014

Baby Food and Boob Talk

We're in it. Just like that. I was pregnant and then had a baby. Yeah, it was totally that easy. All of a sudden, she turned 6 months old. And then 7 months. Sound the trumpets, people. It's been amazing and then some. I could cry just thinking about how grateful I am that we barely made it to alive and now we're here thriving (and growing some delicious thunder thighs).

Claire is still breastfeeding these days, but it's sort of like trying to feed a wild monkey who is juggling bananas. If a single flash of light is seen, a word spoken, or a movement heard, she's pulling away to check out what is happening. My milk has been sprayed in more public places than I'd like to admit. With Benjamin, I was much more discreet about my nursing. I even used a cover. Now, I'm lucky to get her fed and manage the toddler at the same time at all, cover or Boppy pillow or {insert fancy breastfeeding item here}. I'm lucky to get 5 minutes total of feeding her, so I still try to manage every 2 hours during the day just to curb dehydration. Her diapers tell me all is fine and the scale does not disappoint either. Hello almost 17lbs. She's nearly to Benjamin's 12-month weight! She's a stellar and chill breastfeeder at one time only: in the middle of the night. Thankfully, that only happens about once a night these days, about 8hrs after she goes down to bed, happily and smiley. And last night, I got a real treat of sleeping until 7:15 this morning without ever waking to feed.

Benjamin continues to be the most annoying person ever when I politely ask him to be quiet and whisper when Claire is feeding. Because honestly kid! For. The. Love. Claire would rather see what you're doing and watch you rather than drink milk these days. Which totally makes for fun times and me locking myself into the bathroom just to quietly breastfeed (of which always fails because NEW SCENERY! MUST LOOK AROUND!). He absolutely knows he's being bothersome because he speaks nonsense or says things repeatedly like "Hi Mama. MAMA HI!!"

In addition to the milk, she's having real food. I'm so much more lazy this time around. I'm just busy and not inspired. She's had a variety of things {insert list of foods you could care less reading about} and hasn't been overall impressed. She still eats, but really doesn't seem to go one way or the other on things. I steamed and pureed and put in ice cube trays. I feed her three "meals" each day, along with us. Now that she's 7 months old, she's getting tiny bits of foods as well, which she is handling okay.

Boy bibs. whatareyougonnado?
The fear of her choking hasn't gone away, but eventually she will have to be on solids, right? And in just a few short months, she'll somehow be eating just about everything we are and there will be no turning back. Boggles. My. Mind. If only the food intake would help her grow some hair (said in jest, as I honestly don't care).

At a local playhouse last month...

Random little girl: Where is her hair?
Me: She doesn't have any yet.
Random little girl {confused look}: But she's a girl.


Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

Mary still is protesting puréed food, but seems to be interested in table food. I'm happy with that, but the choking thing scares me so much more with her than it did with Finn since he didn't start table food as early! She also could care leas about getting any real food (and so I ont offer about once a day - so lazy), and would take a boob 24/7.

How are our girls old enough to be at this stage?!

Molly said... [Reply to comment]

Bahahhahahahah!!!! That random little girl comment is hysteria!!! Also sounds like we need a thigh pic on IG!

Molly said... [Reply to comment]

And also, gag at the spraying!!

Brie said... [Reply to comment]

My boobs days have ended, a sudden refusal to nurse and drop in supply (and lazy mama) and we are now guzzling formula from bottles..the same kid who wouldn't take a bottle until a month ago and had her mama spend a whole vacation sober. Yeah, that one. I laughed out loud about B being annoying because it's the same in my house. Mama, what are you doing?! Whatcha doing mama? She not sleeping. Yeah dude, because you.are.talking! Lol. Kids. Were so lucky to have them to complain about. I thank my stars every day (:

Sneaker Teacher said... [Reply to comment]

My baby Sammy is 3 months now and she has started to flirt during feedings. She eats a bit then looks at me with a HUGE smile on her face all flirty. Then she eats a bit and repeats the same huge smile. It's so cute, but frustrating. She also started pulling the cover. We were traveling so I was using one and I feel like it takes twice as long to get her to latch with the cover so it's probably more discrete just to not use one!

Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

I'm cracking up at the random girl's comment also. Love that bald head.

Tiffany said... [Reply to comment]

Oh little Claire... Addy feels your baldness pain! it will come in eventually (at least that is what I keep telling at at 27 months!).

Dianna said... [Reply to comment]

My 3 year old niece was looking at her baby pictures and said 'when I was a baby I was a boy, but now I'm a girl.' Her mother said 'no you were a girl even as a baby.' She responded 'no momma, girls have hair. I was a boy.'

Karoline said... [Reply to comment]

i had a very similar nursing situation to brie. that girl just gave up & my supply crashed. like hell if i was going to pump round the clock to get it back. and, she was also the baby that REFUSED a bottle. funny how she got on board quickly. & she's healthy as can be. frustrating little buggers, but we are so lucky to have them. the other day, my mantra was, "it is a privilege to clean up after my VERY messy toddler." true, right? also, bald baby girls are CUTE!!! as you know, we are still trying to get some hair at almost 3 years old. oh well, she's def a girl :)