Friday, August 8, 2014

Review: Well Beginnings with Walgreens

The baby is in diapers. Of course. The toddler is still in diapers with no foreseeable change happening soon. {perhaps you can hear me grumbling?} 
Well Beginnings diapers in size 4 (31ct., $8.99) being modeled by the toddler who won't potty-train. At least his bum looks cute with an elephant on it.
The kids are both changed many times each day and I use both diapers and wipes to make it happen. They take regular baths (together even since sister is sitting up!). And oh yeah. They've both had a fever this month.

Insert Walgreens. I hit up Walgreens earlier this week when the meds I was using for her fever and teething just weren't keeping the hot body at bay. We grabbed our necessities and checked out quickly. We have no fewer than 5 locations within 5 miles of our house. It's pretty great. They have a Well Beginnings product line that is exclusive to their store and carries a variety of products to care for young kiddos like my own. I've personally tried quite a few already and added a few more trials to my list with this review.

I discovered their diaper and wipes line a few months back and even have their Well Beginnings training pants ready with those cute superheroes all stocked up in the closet just collecting dust. So until then, I'm grabbing the diapers and wipes instead. For both kids, in fact.

I've tried many-a-diaper in my 30 months of this {diaper-changing} mom job. And honestly, these are right up there with the big dogs. They carry size newborn to 6 and the newborn to size 2 even have a wetness indicator like the competitors! I was able to share a bunch of these trial packs at a playdate with friends in the park recently and that was a feature I made sure to share. Even better, they have a soft, stretchable waist, added vitamin E & aloe, full day/night wetness protection and are 100% guaranteed.

That's right. You can try them and get your money back if they just aren't jiving with your family.

But the Wilson fam is just fine with them. Moisture is wicked away. There aren't leaks or blowouts. No rashes. Check. Check. Check.

The wipes are just the kind I like. Honestly! I prefer something with a little grip and these have it in the Tri-form layers. Hypoallergenic, allergy-tested, dermatologist approved, alcohol free and only $2.39 for a snap-closing 72-count pack. I keep a case in my car for the messes as well... not just for diaper changing, folks! In fact, I probably use more in the car. Ha.
We've also tried their baby wash and their electrolyte drink (dye free!) with thumbs up for both. I actually like the smell of this baby wash over the other brands and the electrolyte drink is about half the price of competitors and just as useful with a sick kiddo... or mama... or papa. We are not above Pediatric drinks to feel better!

Rub-a-dub-dub, two Wilson kiddos in the tub. Using Well Beginnings baby wash from head-to-toe. Soap-free, dye-free and pH-balanced. Tear free, hypoallergenic, dermatology & allergy tested, paraben & phthalate free. And that big bottle sells for under $3. Since you don't need much, it will take a whole lot of rubber duckies in the tub before replacing it.
Thumbs up all around. That fruit prediatric oral electrolyte is quite tasty! I've tried it and so has Benjamin during a sick, sick night last week. It's near identical and half the price of the other brands. I even have 2 more bottles on hand in grape and strawberry. It's dye-free! If you've ever had the red dye kind of kid electrolyte drinks puked up on your white carpet in the dark at 3 a.m. by your toddler and not realize it until over a day later all soaked in and near impossible to clean out, you'd understand why I find the dye-free kind this so. very. important. 

For more about Walgreens Well Beginnings products, see their website for info on the complete line. They also have a Facebook page & Twitter page. Did you know that Walgreens is a 113-year old American company? Yeah, just learned that via their twitter page.

I was given this opportunity as part of {Green} Moms Meet. Moms Meet is an online resource for moms that encourages healthy and green parenting/living. As an added bonus, I sometimes get to share healthy, green products with friends at playdates and report back on our likes/dislikes.

Disclaimer: I received this product free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet Program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.


Laura Jane said... [Reply to comment]

I think I've actually tried those wipes when I was visiting my brother in Michigan- that's a great price for that many quality wipes.

I think that's great they add aloe and vitamin e- much nicer than all the wicking stuff added to the major company's diapers!

Now tell Walgreens to come to Canada! ha!

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

Cute Wilson babies in the tub. Score on free stuff for doing a review!