Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Phone Took a Bath + Maryland Trip to Grandparent's House

We are back in action at the Wilson abode after a super fun weekend. The getaway started off a little rough, however, with me hurriedly stuffing a quick laundry load into the machine last Wednesday, only to realize 5 minutes into the FULL CYCLE that my phone was probably at the bottom of the washload. Yep, indeed. A morning of blowdryers and rice and filing down a bobbie pin to make a suitable Pentalobe screwdriver to open my phone and then leaving it for 4 days in the rice I prepped that did nothing for the cause.

I went along the entire trip and finally visited the people at the cell phone store to tell me my phone would be replaced for a mere $400. Ehm, nothankyou. What Benjamin doesn't know, is Mama is now using "his" phone. When I replaced my old iPhone3G with the iPhone4G, I loaded a bunch of educational apps on there for him like Hooked on Phonics.

But Mama needs to be able to communicate with the outside world. And my own mama is sending me her old phone to use that's better than the one I'm currently stuck with and all will be well again. That's the phone debacle in a nutshell.

Did you know there's a case called Lifeproof that is water resistant? Yeah, me neither. I'll be owning one of those bad boys when I upgrade to a new phone next year.

Last Thursday, Benjamin went to preschool and then we picked him up and headed straight for the airport. We found ridiculously low prices flying into Delaware (2hrs away), so hopped on those tickets. I packed minimally to avoid checked bag fees on the low-cost carrier and it turned out to be an excellent decision. We even came back with a few articles of clothing that weren't even used! It also helps that we ran a load of wash (minus the cell phone addition) during our short 3.5 day trip. We literally took on board 3 backpacks and a diaper bag. The carseats were checked and the BOB double stroller was gate checked. It survived, but a chunk of the handlebar foam was compromised.

We saw old friends that the husband has known since childhood, went to a county fair, a harvest festival, had delicious dinners and even more delicious desserts, went on a brewery tour, had an evening to hang out with friends, introduced Claire to her great-great grandparents, spent lots of great time with the grandparents and aunt "Mansa" and shared the husband's childhood home for the first time with our kids. Benjamin had never been to Maryland in his 31 months of life until this point! Well, except in utero. It's just so much easier when people travel to him, but he definitely found it beyond special to sleep in Aunt Mansa's bed, go on an airplane (despite having been on many before) and explore a new place.

Overall, they both were excellent travelers on the plane and in the car. There were a few moments, but to be expected. I think the ages they are now make for better travelers than crawlers or early walkers, no question. Benjamin did not try to escape his seat at all this trip and only really had an issue when he was instructed to keep his seatbelt on (of which he knows how to unbuckle himself).
#familyselfie and small airports in Delaware don't have jetways when only 2 flights come in a week.
He's now an airplane-obsessed kid (despite having been on tons already in his 31 months of life). I rented two books from the library on airplanes and when at the park playing with other kids the other day (yes, playing with!), he was telling them about the airplanes in the sky and pointing them out as they flew by us. He talks of how his blanket went on the airplane and how he went to see his grandparents and how he will go see "Mickey House" on the airplane next month and how Gawbee and Grandpa will come see him via airplane. Airplane luv in the house.

We spent a morning (and then an evening) with old friends. Jeff & Erin were in our wedding. Jeff came by Erin's house and Erin's two kids played with Claire & Benjamin while Erin baked up some delicious bread and whipped cream. And coffee. Most important when traveling with kids, especially an 8mo who does not care to sleep well on the road (yet). I sure hope she changes this habit! Benjamin, on the other hand, slept like a rock every single day.
I've never been to a county fair more worthy of the title. I saw (and smelled) more pigs than I could count. Was enough to keep me vegetarian for an afterlife!
Off to the rides... the grandparents may have purchased THREE sheets of ride tickets for Benjamin in advance, so we skipped a nap and went wild! You know your 2-year-old is exhausted when he requests "go home, tired" after an epic day at the fair. He was out within minutes of being in the car.

These are the best photos ever, so I will share ALL of them. This ride goes in an oval but whips you around each curve. He went on with a stranger girl who had the best expressions and hogged the entire handle bar. Her mom was standing next to me, yelling for her to give him some space. They both looked happy as can be.
Right photo: favorite photo of the day. Month even? The best.

Claire meeting Great Gramie & Great Papa for the first time ever. 
Aunt Mansa is always a favorite. 

Aunt Mansa got us into Flying Dog Brewery for a tour and we had a great time. Also, lots of delicious dinners with family, including a ridiculously good peanut butter brownie cake thing.
Funny progression of Claire. Looks at each person and then... SCOWL. Haha!


Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

Those car pics are AWESOME.

love your brown boots! Look at Claire holding herself up! Meatball does for like maybe two seconds. Maybe.

Looks like a lovely trip.

Karoline said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE all of the fall fun/ farm pix! my favorite time of year!

Veronica said... [Reply to comment]

I read everything you write. I hope you know that. But I get behind with comments now. And there are so many to catch up on! But I want you to know I read :)

This is awesome. Love all the colour. All the smiles. All the action shots!!