Tuesday, September 2, 2014

$2 Grab Bags

I dropped Benjamin off at school this morning and did a victory dance headed over to Michael's for a little Halloween planning. Perhaps you can guess what I have him slated to be for Halloween just by a few hints?

I planned to make the ears myself, but then stumbled upon these for $1.60. Hard to pass that up!
While I was shopping, I noticed there was a big bin of $2 grab bags of (probably) summer clearance items. I was curious and decided I would put $8 on the blackjack table gamble of getting some fun craft items for the kids during those dreary winter months we'll have coming. I also hoped I'd find some fun stocking stuffers. Because I totally wanted to know what was inside each bag, I'll share the contents here with you all. You tell me what you think of the junk fun stuff I scored for my $8 gamble.

$2 Grab Bag #1:
2- Make-it-yourself drum kits with feathers, beads and all the necessities
1- Pack of eight monkey straws
1- Kissing flower ball thing
1- Minnie Mouse sticker book
1- Door hanger DIY kit
1- Bow with a clip on the back for a girl with hair. Hahah. See ya in a few years, hairbow!
1- Flower decoration (for flip flops apparently)
2- Gooey bubble blowing kits... I totally remember from my childhood

My verdict: $2 score!

$2 Grab Bag #2:
1- Rooster tumbler with straw (how hideous!)
1- Ceramic hot drink rooster cup with lid (both retailed for $20! I see why they were clearanced...)
6- Class of 2014 pens. Just funny. Speaking of, my first group of students I taught ever are freshman in COLLEGE. OMG, I'm old.
1- Cute owl that stands but is a blank canvas
1- Chandelier wooden ornament thing
1- Kissing white flower ball just like bag #1...what is that? And what am I going to do with two?
1- Pack of Jesus stencils
3- Crystal fireflies/butterflies
5- Clip-on decorative butterflies/ladybugs
1- Random red flower thing
2- Packs of foam stickers

My verdict: While I do think the owl tchotchke is cool and the rooster cups terribly ugly (yet functional), I'm still not sure it was worth $2. Maybe Claire will LOVE butterflies someday.

$2 Grab Bag #3:

1- large sand bucket/pail of good quality
1- Turtle DIY craft thing?
2- Cross mosaic DIY crafts
1- DAD button frame decoration kit
3- Hair ties
8- Monkey straws like in bag #1
3- DIY frames and some things to decorate with inside
2- Not-so-lovely smelling fragrance bead jars
5- Clip-on barrettes for little girls with hair. Again, hahaha.
1- Pair of aviator glasses I left in my car because I was totally wearing them and loving them

My verdict: Worth it only for the straws, bucket, hair ties and glasses. But the rest is junk.

$2 Grab Bag #4:
1- Disney Princess kite that looks to be Cinderella ...I'm so awesome for knowing that
2- Wacky Gliders
2- Balls and bats
1- Bubble wand

My verdict: Not bad. Obviously I knew some of what I was getting here and the sales associate encouraged me to buy this one. Figured if anything, the kite itself would've cost me $2, so it's a win here.

Out of the four bags, I'd buy 3 again. Not a bad gamble... but seriously... lots of junk to sort out.

Now I have to go hurry up and clean this crap up before the toddler wakes... and also, someone else go buy some of these and show me what you got! I wanted to open all the bags.


LookItsJessica said... [Reply to comment]

I think that stuff was DEF worth $8. The kite, bubble wand, gliders, blank owl (omg Avy would love) and cool straws are my faves. Save the Minnie sticker book and bows for C, as she will love them in a year!

Make your own drum stuff? I would closet that and never let it be seen by my toddler! :) I may have to swing by Michael's and get some of these, they seem fun.

Laura Jane said... [Reply to comment]

I love me a deal like that! ha!

Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

That's super fun! Some of the flowers and butterflies would work nicely as gift wrapping decor. I need to see if my Michaels is doing this.

Kristi said... [Reply to comment]

bag #1 and bag #4 would be big hits in our house...bag #4 is totally worth $2!!!! Ok, but bag #2...you know the person who put that bag together was just laughing and waiting to see who the person was that grabbed it. I just might have to go to Michael's with $2 in my pocket. :-) Also, super impressed that you are already working on Halloween costumes!

Dianna said... [Reply to comment]

This is super fun! I want to head to Michaels in search of $2 grab bags!

Tiffany said... [Reply to comment]

The rooster and chicken drinkware! LOL!