Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Benjamin Babble

I love reading these and don't write down nearly enough of them myself. I managed to write down these recent ones... and since he doesn't nap anymore (like, at all), it's hard for me to find time to post them. But, here they are. Snippets of my day with this three-for-one-week kiddo.

Scene: Bedroom in the morning
Benjamin (handing me a water bottle): Your pee-pee is lellow, Mommy. Drink your water. (He never saw my pee, but was parroting what I tell him.)
Scene: Pushes Claire's back down while she's crawling. Crying ensues. Benjamin runs over to me immediately following.
Benjamin: Mommy, are you happy? (of course not and he knows it)
Scene: Bathtub and he keeps accidentally dropping a bar of soap
Benjamin: Mom, someping is getting on my nerts!
Scene: Benjamin picking up food Claire intentionally dropped to the floor from her highchair and putting it back on her tray.
Benjamin: Do you want to not do this again, Claire?
Scene: Playing with toy cash register and handing me fake cash.
Benjamin: Somepings in the cash register. Money is in there. It has a 5 on it. I going to buy the couch.
Scene: Mom cooking dinner, Benjamin playing in living room.
Benjamin (yells): Mom! I need you in the living room!
Scene: Benjamin's bedroom just after waking in the morning.
Benjamin: I want Claire to join me on my bed.
Scene: In the car, holding a CD and having difficulty pulling it through his tight carseat straps (good!)
Benjamin: This is making me mad. This is annoying me.
Scene: Mom and Dad's bed in the morning.
Benjamin (going in for a hug): I'm going to capture you!
Scene: Holding his torn blanket (that was torn during a recent evening he wouldn't go to sleep).
Benjamin: I want you to fix it. I want you get a screwdriver.


Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

He is soooo funny! Oh these kiddos. I love/hate how he anticipates your reaction after pushing Claire. I also think it's so funny that he wants Claire to "join him." Zuzu said that to Coco this morning when we were eating breakfast: "Would you like to join us?" So cute.

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

I LOVE these. <3